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GELJET Technology

  • Point1 Wide Head for High Quality High Speed Printing
  • Point2 BT System for Paper Misfeed Prevention
  • Point3 Viscous Ink for Sharp, Beautiful Documents

Point1 1.27-inch wide print head delivers high speed, high quality printing.

Watch video of head movement

The GELJET print head design produces high quality output at high speeds.
Each print head holds 1.27-inch long nozzle rows containing 384 nozzles, distributing more ink, faster with each pass.
We developed this original head technology using a plurality of piezoelectric elements that generates high internal pressure combined with high frequency response to discharge the high viscosity GELJET Viscous Ink.
Utilizing our accumulated semiconductor fabrication technology experience, we fabricated the nozzle structure and other components on a micron level, for stable, high-precision ink discharge.

Print Head Size Comparison1

Print Head Size Comparison2

Point2 BT System reduces paper misfeeds for more stable printing.

GELJET™ Belt Transfer System

GELJET BT system adopts electrostatic transfer belt technology used in laser printers, combining it with paper feed conveyance used for inkjet printers, optimized into a new conveyance system.
Paper adheres perfectly to the belt, propelled forward by the belt conveyance system, overcoming the weakness of inkjets that tends to cause paper jams, for stable printing at 3 mm margins.
Moreover, improved sensors have shortened the distance required between sheets, making faster printing possible.

* Simulation performed by Ricoh, results of tests performed in other environments cannot be guaranteed.

Point3 Water-insoluble viscous ink produces beautiful results without smears or smudges.

Ink Property Comparison

Ink Property Comparison

Most inkjet printers use either dye-based or pigment-based ink cartridges.
Because dye-based inks use water-soluble dyes, they smear more easily on paper.
Dyes also break down when exposed to light, so lightfastness is also a problem.
Addressing these problems, all four colors of viscous ink use pigment-based ink.
Pigment-based ink, like toner used in laser
printers and photocopiers, is water-insoluble, overcoming dye ink weaknesses, reducing page bleed due to moisture, etc.
Higher colorfast properties produce fantastic results on plain paper as well as glossy or other high-quality papers: Perfect for documents that need to stand the test of time.

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