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Optimal Support for Your Work Using AI

Optimal support
for Your Work Using AI

Ricoh offers digital services
that support creativity and transforms the workplace.

AI is digital brainpower. It utilizes sensors to acquire the necessary data from images and sound in the same way humans would using eyes and ears and processes that all that bulk data swiftly to make your work easier. It can also help you in your work because it can reveal previously unseen areas and process that input in ways that would have been impossible until now.
Ricoh explores workplace challenges in depth so that we are integrated into various aspects of your work and deliver high-quality support. We will develop optimal AI to find the very best solutions and deliver value to the workplace.

Digital Service Development

AI tools themselves are open and evolve very swiftly, making this a technological field where world records for speed and performance are continually being rewritten.
AI’s performance itself is not the sole factor in getting the most out of this resource to create solutions.
Collecting large amounts of high quality, relevant data for the AI to learn from is critical.

AI Areas of Focus for Ricoh

  • Data

    Ricoh’s original sensing technologies (images, vibrations, etc.) now make it possible to acquire data that was once inaccessible. The quality of the data has also improved. For example, special cameras that leverage our optical technology can gather information beyond just flat images.

  • Workflow

    We explore workflows in-depth and identify important workplace challenges that are not obvious or have gone unnoticed, or where data has never been collected. We implement AI into our internal processes to test out the viability and make those solutions most practical.

  • Technologies x Business Models

    We develop AI and sensing technologies in tandem with business models. We leverage the continually accumulated data with the optimal AI technologies to deliver value to your workplace.

  • Image Recognition
    and Analysis
  • Natural Language
  • Voice and Vibration
  • Structured Data

Digital Services Offered by Ricoh

We offer value to people working in vaious places.

Using AI To Compare and Align Two Documents Contents
that Are Organized Differently

We have developed “Deep Alignment” a natural language processing technology that automatically aligns the sentences and paragraphs of two documents to identify where they overlap or differ clearly. Based on the meaning of words obtained through deep learning, it takes into account not only the word’s definition but also the similarities in meaning between the sentences and paragraphs to which those words belong. We have succeeded in creating an algorithm that works independently of the sentence order to align sentences and paragraphs and is capable of aligning documents, such as contracts.

Natural language processing for document solutions

Factory (IoT) x Vibration Sensing
to Detect Equipment and Machine Abnormality Using AI

The combination of our proprietary sensors and data analysis technology makes it possible to extract the data needed to detect any equipment or machine abnormality. This system is a combination of Ricoh Group’s vibration analysis technology, AI-based algorithms, and industrial device controller technology.

Inspection of Infrastructure x
Machine Vision Monitoring Using AI Technology

Most inspection work on infrastructure is currently done by specialist vehicles or carried out with the naked eye. However, there is a limit to the extent and frequency of such inspection work due to issues like cost, and the inability of the specialist vehicles to enter narrow roads. Our road surface inspection system and tunnel monitoring system have greatly boosted the efficiency and accuracy of the measurement and assessment work. It replaces the previously used visual evaluation process with the acquisition of images via machine vision combined with an AI machine learning-based model.

Human Resource Management

We are aiming to be an AI-native company where all employees can propose innovative AI applications that will help to resolve our customers’ challenges.

Specialized Organization that
Provides Support and Digital Services Development

Personnel skilled in AI are trained throughout the Ricoh. Our AI reps incorporate AI into work processes, and support is provided by specialized AI organizations when necessary. We run initiatives to boost work efficiency and product quality by making practical use of AI in-house. For example, we utilize our proprietary algorithms to run visual inspections of components and using cloud-based OCR and chatbots. We leverage our experience from those initiatives to construct systems using AI that resolve our customers’ challenges.

Image Recognition and Analysis Technologies for Visual Inspections

Cutting-edge AI Research

In addition to assisting our customers to make the change to AI, researchers in our specialized AI organizations are contributors to the advancement of AI technologies by participating in international symposia and publishing research papers. Ricoh also provides optional company-wide training for those who wish to improve their skills; participants are achieving excellent results worldwide—some have entered external competitions, such as Kaggle and SIGNATE, and won medals.

AI Initiatives in the Ricoh Group

  • Road Surface Inspection System

  • Tunnel Monitoring System

  • Vibration Visualization for Machine Tools

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