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Ricoh at a Glance

What Company is Ricoh?

The Ricoh Group is founded on the Spirit of Three Loves: “Love your neighbor, Love your country, and Love your work.”
This philosophy guides our business, encouraging us to constantly improve and enrich the lives of all stakeholders through its business and work.
In today’s global landscape, we remain close to our customers in around 200 countries and regions,
supporting diverse workplaces with not only multifunction devices but also applications, support, and services.
We are committed to contributing to a sustainable society by providing digital services that enhance the creativity of working individuals.

"Fulfillment Through Work"

The Company in Figures

About the Ricoh Group

Consolidated Sales

2,348.9 billion yen


Total number of employees


(as of March 31, 2024)

Number of countries and regions

Number of countries and regions

Approx. 200

(as of March 31, 2024)

Global customer base

Around 1.4 million


Global Network


Sales 865.6 billion yen
Number of Employees 31,064
Subsidiaries 44

The Americas

Sales 659.7 billion yen
Number of Employees 18,299
Subsidiaries 50

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Sales 623.7 billion yen
Number of Employees 16,867
Subsidiaries 105

Asia Pacific and others

Sales 199.8 billion yen
Number of Employees 13,314
Subsidiaries 43

(as of March 31, 2024)

Company History

Remaining close to our customers’ work and delivering new values.



The sensitized paper division of Rikagaku Kogyo split off to be established as Riken Kankoshi Co., Ltd.


Enters office equipment field

In 1955, we launch the Ricopy 101, Japan’s first desktop diazo-wet copier, which revolutionizes office work efficiency.


Advocates office automation concept

In 1973, we launch RIFAX 600S, the world’s first high-speed office facsimile machine, and advocate office automation in 1977.The notion of having machines handle routine tasks so people can do more creative work remains true today.


Digitalization and globalization

Shifting from analog copiers to digital multifunctional printers, cultivating networking and colorization.


Expanding services business

Helping to transform work by offering information technology services and devices.


Becoming a digital services company

In 2020, we committed to becoming a digital services company that supports workers’ creativity. We will transform customers’ work by combining our devices, applications, and services with those of partners while remaining close to customers with an industry leading sales and support structure.

Looking Forward

Fulfillment through Work

At Ricoh, we empower individuals to find Fulfillment through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we can unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future.

Ricoh’s strengths driving work transformations

Global sales and services structure

One key strength is that we deal directly with customers through a locally grounded, global sales and service structure. We provide high value-added solutions by balancing an optimal regional presence and Group synergies.

Proprietary edge devices

We leverage our image processing, optics, and other technical expertise, development capabilities, and production capacity to develop and provide multifunctional and other devices serving as entry and exit points for text, photos, audio, video, and other analog and digital information.

Internal deployments and case studies

We deploy digital technology to transform workflows in back offices and in development, production, and other frontlines to strengthen our solutions capabilities. We also deliver value to customers by drawing on successes within the Ricoh Group.

Collaboration with partners

We collaborate with partners with various strengths to cater to national and regional market characteristics and deliver high value that aligns effectively with customer needs.

Digital professionals

We develop and acquire professionals who can use digital technology and data to create and accelerate our digital services. These people work closely with customers through our five business units to generate new value.

RICOH Smart Integration

This common Group platform makes it possible to provide high value-added services by connecting edge devices and applications from Ricoh and other companies. We address wide-ranging customer challenges by building an ecosystem centered around this platform.

Resolving Social Issues & Sustainability

In 1998, Ricoh was one of the first companies in the world to advocate environmental management.
We have since endeavored to align protecting the environment and generating profits.
By aligning ESG and business growth, we strive to resolve social issues through business.

Resolving Social Issues

Creativity from Work

[Goal 8] Decent Work and Economic Growth [Goal 9] Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

To provide digital services that transform how customers work and help them with productivity improvement and value creation

Community and Social Development

[Goal 3] Good Health and Well-Being [Goal 4] Quality Education [Goal 11] Sustainable Cities and Communities

To contribute to the maintenance, development, and efficiency of community and social systems. We leverage our technical expertise and customer connections to expand areas where we provide value

Zero-Carbon Society

[Goal 7] Affordable and Clean Energy [Goal 13] Climate Action

To decarbonize the entire value chain and create business opportunities by contributing to carbon neutrality

Circular Economy

[Goal 12] Responsible Consumption and Production

To create business opportunities by building a circular economy business model for ourselves and our customers



Achieving environmental conservation and profits simultaneously

Goals for FY2030
Zero-carbon GHG Scope 1 and 2: 63% reduction compared to FY2015 level
GHG Scope 3: 40%reduction compared to FY2015 level
Switch 50% of electricity used in business operations to renewable energy
Resource Conservation Virgin material usage ratio for products: 60% or less


We are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability.

Goals for FY2025
Ricoh Digital Skills Level 2 ratings or above rated employees (Japan) 4,000
Female-held managerial position ratio Global 20% (Japan 10%)


Maintaining Ricoh’s corporate value on behalf of all stakeholders

Goals for FY2025
Low compliance risk Group companies 80% or more
Digital services patent application ratio 60%

Line of Business

The Ricoh Group is transforming into a digital services company.
A structure in which five business units operate autonomously enables them to respond swiftly to changes in their respective markets and resolve social issues through business.

RICOH Digital Services

Office Services and Office Printing (sales)

RICOH Digital Products

Office Printing (development, production and OEM)

RICOH Graphic Communications

Commercial Printing and Industrial Printing

RICOH Industrial Solutions

Thermal Media and Industrial Products

RICOH Futures

New businesses

Recognition & Awards

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices



5 star rating in the NIKKEI Smart Work Survey

5 star rating in the Nikkei SDGs Management Survey

White 500: Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations Recognition