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Message from Management

Driving workplace innovations through business and technologies

Seiji Sakata
Corporate Executive Vice President, CTO

The Ricoh Group has continuously created innovative ways of working since its entry into the office equipment field in the 1950s. Today, those innovations continue to create value and spread from offices to workplaces across numerous industries, frontlines, and society.

Our ability to swiftly deliver digital services that help resolve issues depends on identifying the customer’s essential regional and business needs and bringing together services and products that match those requirements. We build systems for developers to maintain close ties with customers and create services for them. At the same time, we are developing common platforms for materializing services.

The technical strategy underpinning our medium-term growth is to employ a digital twin* technology that fosters evolutions in workplace practices and digital printing for a mass customization era to drive human-centric digitalization. Thus, we will make AI (artificial intelligence) and fifth-generation mobile telecommunications technologies a top priority and cultivate people who can employ digital technology in various situations.

The key to giving shape to these challenges is our technological competencies, supported by our outstanding engineers. In addition to leveraging technologies in the fields of optics, imaging, materials, manufacturing, infrastructure, control, and systems that Ricoh has advanced for many years, we believe that by incorporating the latest digital technologies and combining unique ideas, we can continue to create new value for our customers.

Promoting open innovation is also essential for solving issues swiftly. Together with universities, research organizations, companies, and other partners, we continue to pursue the efficient development of cutting-edge technologies while strengthening cooperation at various levels, such as jointly identifying and addressing the key social issues by working together to formulate technological strategies.

We will deepen our office services for further growth, with operational perspectives for developing existing businesses and technical perspectives for creating innovative businesses based on insights into tomorrow.

Looking ahead, Ricoh will continue to provide value to workplaces and society by “EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES” that enable customers to work smarter.

* Digital twin: A technology that reproduces information from physical spaces in real-time in cyberspace using simulations and other tools to predict real-world changes.