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Message from Management

We continue to provide value to workplaces and society with innovative technologies, products and services

Seiji Sakata
Corporate Executive Vice President, CTO

Since entering the field of office equipment in the 1950s, the Ricoh Group has continuously created innovative ways of working. Today, in the area of value creation those innovations have spread from offices to workplaces across numerous industries, frontlines and society.

In the office domain, our current core business, we are developing next-generation multifunction printers and cloud platforms that seamlessly integrate workplaces with the cloud. We can now offer an environment that helps promote new ways of working wherever and whenever our customers want to work. In addition to customers working in offices, we are accelerating digitization and providing new value to customers working at the frontlines of logistics, education, manufacturing and retail organizations.

We are taking on the challenge of solving a diverse range of social issues. In pursuit of industrial innovation using the printing technologies, we have expanded our business domains into commercial printing, industrial inkjet, manufacturing innovation, healthcare and more. Beyond printing of paper, we are also making advances in “display printing”, that includes 3D printing, and in “applied printing” for use in secondary battery, manufacturing living cells and so on. To support customers in intelligence creation we are also driving the digitization of offices using machine vision-based input, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based analysis, display and control, in an effort to address innovation in a variety of workplaces including frontlines and society.

Our engineers are key to giving shape to these endeavors. In addition to leveraging technologies in the fields of optics, imaging, materials, manufacturing, infrastructure, control and systems that Ricoh has worked on for many years, we believe that by incorporating the latest technologies like AI and Internet of Things (IoT) and combining unique ideas, we can continue to create new value for our customers.

Promoting open innovation is also essential to solving issues swiftly. Together with universities, research organizations, companies and other partners, we continue to pursue the efficient development of cutting-edge technologies while working to strengthen cooperation at various levels, such as jointly identifying the key social issues to be addressed, and participation in the formulation of technological strategies.

Looking ahead, Ricoh will continue to provide value to workplaces and society by “EMPOWERING DIGITAL WORKPLACES”, that enable customers to work smarter.