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Trade Control

Basic stance for Policy

Toward a sustainable society where people can live securely and in peace

It is essential to have a social order where people can live peacefully and securely. Military weapons, including those capable of mass destruction, consumer products capable of being converted into weapons, or the technology to develop them, should not fall into the hands of terrorists or countries that disregard international social norms.

Therefore, most countries have ratified treaties regulating the use of weapons themselves to safeguard world peace. They have also created international export control frameworks, with each country taking responsibility for its efforts. That is Security Trade Control.

Japan participates in all five international export control regimes, and security trade controls are implemented following the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law. The Ricoh Group is headquartered in Japan.

(Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)Security Export Control System in Japan

International Export Management regimes
Manage trading of 'conventional weapon' and 'general-purpose products which used the development weapons of mass destruction'.

Regime Name Targeted Weapons Japan Participates
Nuclear Suppliers Group Nuclear Weapons related
Zangger Committee Nuclear Weapons related
Australia Group Biochemical weapons related
Missile Technology Control Regime Missile-related materials & Technology Conventional weapons related
Wassenaar Arangement Conventional weapons related

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation

Security Trade Control for RICOH group

In order to fulfill our responsibility to create a sustainable society based on “The RICOH Way”, all executives and employees of the Ricoh Group are committed to appropriate security and trade control, including filing the " Import/Export Control Internal Compliance Program (CP)" with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.