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The Ricoh Group initiated a structure of five business units and a Group headquarters. We have shifted to a setup where each business unit integrates everything from development through production and sales and runs autonomously.

RICOH Digital Services

Spearheading the Group's growth as a customer-centric player that is the leading global services integrator

Business Outline

We sell office imaging equipment to a global customer base. These offerings include MFPs and printers, in which we have top-class global market shares, as well as consumables. We also provide IT-related solutions that support customers' overall workflow reforms and work practice innovations, as well as other services to digitally resolve their management issues and enhance productivity

Scrum PackagesWe provide digital transformation support through industry and business packages for small and medium-sized businesses that combine MFPs, 360° cameras, and other unique devices with software, cloud services, and other offerings

RICOH SpacesCloud applications for reserving spaces, including office meeting rooms, desks, and open areas

RICOH Digital Products

Contribute to digital services growth by leveraging our outstanding product quality and stable supply

Business Outline

We develop and produce (including on an original equipment manufacturing basis) office MFPs, in which we are among the global market leaders, as well as printers and other imaging equipment and edge devices that support digital communication

A3 Color MFPsFeaturing an industry-leading post-consumer recycled plastic content rate of more than 50%, helping to lower environmental impact

RICOH IM C7010 / C6010 / C5510 / C4510 / C3510 / C3010 / C2510

RICOH Interactive WhiteboardStreamlines communication and collaboration in offices and educational settings

RICOH Graphic Communications

Striving to make this business Ricoh's second major growth driver by helping customers to digitalize their printing sites

Business Outline

Commercial Printing BusinessSolutions and services to printing industry customers include digital printing-related products, onsite printing workflows, and marketing support

Industrial Printing BusinessWe manufacture and sell industrial inkjet heads, inkjet ink, and industrial printers for diverse applications, including building materials, furniture, wallpaper, signage displays, and apparel fabrics

Commercial PrintingConverting from offset to digital printing to digitalize printing processes and shrink carbon footprints

Industrial Inkjet HeadsWe offer an array of top-quality, highly reliable heads

RICOH Industrial Solutions

Grow by transforming and creating digital service businesses in manufacturing, logistics, and industry frontlines

Business Outline

Thermal Media BusinessWe manufacture and sell thermal paper used for food point-of-sale, barcode, shipping, and other labels, as well as thermal transfer ribbons for printing clothing price tags, brand tags, and tickets

Industrial Products BusinessWe provide products and solutions that employ optical and image processing technologies

Label-Free Thermal PrintingDirect printing technology for salad package wrappers and other packaging materials helps reduce film waste

Vehicle Painting Line BuilderOur unique inkjet technology has helped revolutionize vehicle coating processes

RICOH Futures

Making the world a better place by resolving social issues

Business Outline

New BusinessesWe have expanded opportunities in various areas, including our Smart Vision platform, PLAiR plant-derived material, healthcare, social infrastructure, environmental technology and environmental businesses

RICOH360Streamlining businesses through 360° digitalization for all sorts of spaces

Drug Discovery SupportWe support drug discovery by leveraging core technologies to induce rapid differentiations of iPS cells and design and manufacture infrastructure for messenger RNA-based therapeutic drugs