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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Work-Life Management

Basic Policy for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Work-Life Management

When diverse people demonstrate their individuality and capabilities to the fullest and combine their wisdom, they can create innovation and deliver high-value-added products and services that meet diverse customer needs.
To realize this, we need to create an environment where diverse people can play active roles. Each employee needs to manage both their work and private life and work with high productivity.
Based on this policy, the Ricoh Group positions Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Work-Life Management as one of its management strategies and is implementing initiatives to promote this strategy.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

At Ricoh, we embrace and respect the collective and unique talents, experiences, and perspectives of all people. Together, we inspire remarkable innovation.
That’s how we live the Ricoh Way.

This is our global diversity statement, which sets out at highest level our commitment to global teamwork and acceptance of all diverse people and values. This statement has been translated into 22 languages and delivered to all regions.

Correlations between Diversity Promotion and Work-Life Management

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as Our Management Policy

Diverse and inclusive workforce is one of the seven material issues that the Ricoh Group has identified to focus on. To promote sustainable development of society and innovation, we respect the diversity of employees and strive to create a workplace where employees can work with vigor.

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To achieve sustainable development and innovation in society, we work on creating workplaces where the diversity of our employees is respected, every employee is motivated to work actively, and we are able to reach our full potential as individuals and a team. By realizing these goals, we aim to achieve both the development of the Company and the well-being of individuals. We have clearly stated our action policy in the Ricoh Group Code of Conduct to promote employees' understanding of the Company policy.