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Concept of sustainability

Basic Concept
Driving Sustainability for our Future

We are undertaking a range of initiatives in keeping with our sustainability message, which is Driving Sustainability for Our Future. The message conveys our determination to create new value to resolve social issues and help materialize a sustainable society through business.

The Ricoh Group pursues such sustainability through a Three Ps Balance-Prosperity (economic activities), People (society), and Planet (environment). We accordingly endeavor to resolve social issues through business, reinforce our operational underpinnings, and contribute to society, and will help to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* agreed to by the international community.

*Sustainable development goals
This set of universal priorities and goals through 2030 under an accord with the United Nations comprises 17 goals and 169>

Structure and Systems-ESG Committee

The ESG Committee was established in May 2018 to continuously discuss the Ricoh Group's medium- to long-term issues in the fields of environment, society, and governance at the management level. The committee, which meets quarterly, invites business unit managers according to the topics discussed, and has established a system to consider and discuss ESG issues across the board.

The ESG Committee aims to respond promptly and appropriately to the expectations and needs of stakeholders by continuously discussing medium- to long-term environmental, social, and governance issues faced by the Ricoh Group at a management-level and leading the discussions to the quality enhancement of the entire Group. The ESG Committee has the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Formulate the Ricoh Group Sustainability Strategy to resolve social issues through business, such as initiatives toward introducing SDGs into the foundation of the Company's management
  2. Identify medium- to long-term sustainability risks and opportunities as well as material issues faced by the entire Group (including those regarding investment decisions on risks and opportunities related to climate change recommended by the TCFD
  3. Supervise and advise on sustainability strategies, material issues, and progress on KPIs for each business division throughout the entire Group
  4. Identify sustainability issues to be submitted for discussion at the Board of Directors meetings

The committee is chaired by the CEO, and is composed of GMC members, an Audit and Supervisory Board Mem-ber, and the General Manager of the ESG Promotion Division. The committee convenes quarterly and invites repre-sentatives of the business divisions associated with the subject of discussion and provides a system to examine and discuss sustainability issues across the board. In FY2021, ESG Committee meetings were held four times to discuss the following.

First Meeting May
  • Report on the results of company-wide ESG targets for FY2020
  • Approval of the Human Rights Due Diligence Development Plan
  • Pollution prevention measures
  • Status of response to ESG evaluation / improvement
  • The FY2021 integrated report
Second Meeting July
  • Climate change risks and opportunities (comply with TCFD)
  • Harmonization of GHG (greenhouse gas) reduction scenarios for decarbonization activities
  • Report on the progress of Human Rights Due Diligence Development Plan
Third Meeting December
  • ESG external evaluation results report
  • Progress of decarbonization activities
  • Progress of human rights initiatives
Fourth Meeting March
  • Strengthen supply chain ESG initiatives
  • Report on the progress of Human Rights Due Diligence Development Plan
  • Issues and responses to ESG evaluation
  • Planning of the integrated report for FY2022