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Concept of sustainability

Basic Concept
Driving Sustainability for our Future

The mission and vision of the Ricoh Group are as follows: "At Ricoh, we empower individuals to find fulfillment through work by understanding and transforming how people work, unleashing their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future." This mission is based on the founding spirit of "Love People, Love Country, Love Work" (the Spirit of Three Loves). We are actively engaged in various initiatives aligned with our sustainability message, "Driving Sustainability for Our Future."

The Ricoh Group strives for sustainability through a Three Ps Balance: Prosperity (economic activities), People (society), and Planet (environment). In line with this, we are committed to addressing social issues through our business, strengthening our operational foundations, and contributing to society and will help to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* agreed by the international community.

*Sustainable development goals
This set of universal priorities and goals through 2030 under an accord with the United Nations comprises 17 goals and 169 targets.

SDGs and seven material issues

Structure and Systems-ESG Committee

The ESG Committee is a decision-making body that aims to respond promptly and appropriately to the expectations and requests of stakeholders by continuously discussing environmental, social, and governance issues faced by the Ricoh Group at a management-level and leading the discussions to the quality enhancement of the entire Group.

The committee is chaired by the CEO and consists of GMC members including Internal Directors, and business unit presidents*. The committee, which meets quarterly, has established a system to examine and discuss ESG issues across the Company by inviting representatives of the relevant business divisions according to the theme to be discussed, and other means.
* Full-time Audit & Supervisory Board Members participate as observers

ESG Committee

Role of the ESG Committee

  1. Supervise and advise on ESG strategy formulation, material issues, and progress in KPIs for each business division throughout the entire Group
  2. Identify medium- to long-term ESG risks and opportunities as well as material issues faced by the entire Group
  3. Identify ESG issues to be submitted for discussion at the Board of Directors and report them to the Board of Directors

In FY2023, ESG Committee meetings were held four times to discuss the following.

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