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Environmental Information of Our Products

Ricoh is working to design and develop environmentally friendly products and is actively working to acquire environmental labels. In addition, to reduce the environmental impact of our entire supply chain, we work to enhance environmental protection efforts in cooperation with suppliers.

Ricoh Sustainable Products Program (RSPP)

Ricoh assesses its products and services based on its own indicators, and certifies products and services that contribute to solving social issues as "Sustainable Products," and particularly superior products as "Sustainable Products-Premium."

Environmental Labels

View the major environmental labels, which our products and services have obtained.

List of Environmental Label Qualified Products

View the environmental standard compliance information for each model.

Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP)

Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP) is a measure to quantify the environmental impact of products and services by calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions throughout their life cycle.

Safety Data Sheet(SDS)

To ensure that our customers correctly understand properties of chemical substances and handle them safely, we disclose Safety Data Sheets that describe properties of chemical substances and emergency measures in case of accidents.

Reuse and Recycling Program

To realize a circular economy, Ricoh promotes resource conservation by collecting and recycling products and effective use of resources. View our reuse and recycling program.

Green Procurement

Download "Ricoh Group's Green Procurement Standards", "Ricoh Group's Guideline for Chemical Substances Management System", and "Non-Use Declaration of Banned Substances in Ricoh's Products".