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Flexibly Controlling the Sizes of Multiple Ink Droplets

Droplet control technology allows ink droplets to be discharged at high speed and merged in midair, producing high-quality images.


Being able to control the sizes of ink droplets from an inkjet printer would make it possible to obtain high-quality images without increasing printing resolution. However, it is difficult to dynamically change the size of each droplet discharged from an inkjet printhead.


With multi-drop control technology, ink droplets are discharged at high speeds from the printhead nozzles and instantaneously merged before reaching the media surface. This technology controls the sizes of the droplets, so both small and large droplets can be discharged from a single inkjet printhead.

Multi-drop control technology provides printers with better gradation without the need to increase printing resolution, enhancing image quality. The technology allows a single inkjet printhead to support multiple printing modes—from high-quality to high production—while remaining compatible with a wide range of printing media and printing applications.

Technical highlights

The technology controls the number of droplets discharged from each printhead nozzle during high-speed operation of an inkjet printhead. The droplets discharged from the same printhead nozzle are merged in midair before reaching the printing media. The droplets from different printhead nozzles differ in size on the printing media and enhance image reproduction.

High image quality through better gradation on printing media

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