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Corporate Philosophy “Ricoh Way”


Founding Principles

The Spirit of Three Loves
“Love your neighbor” “Love your country” “Love your work”

Kiyoshi Ichimura formulated the Ricoh Group’s Founding Principles in 1946. They inform how we do business, encouraging us to constantly improve and contribute to the wellbeing of all stakeholders, including our families, customers, and society at large.

Mission & Vision

At Ricoh, we empower individuals to find Fulfillment through Work by understanding and transforming how people work so we
can unleash their potential and creativity to realize a sustainable future

In 1977, we brought out our office automation concept in the conviction that machines should handle manual tasks, with people performing creative work.
We believe that Fulfillment through Work comes from completing more engaging tasks that only people can perform and empowers worker’s creativity.

Our mission is to understand and transform how people work. The future that lies beyond the transformation is a sustainable society where job satisfaction and economic growth are in harmony, with their potential and creativity unleashed.

That concept is behind the change that in 2023 we made Fulfilment through Work central to our mission and vision.

Work can be incredibly fulfilling when you overcome a challenge.

Fulfillment through Work. This core principle is embodied in the “Spirit of Three Loves” that has been at the heart of Ricoh’s business since the company was established in 1936.

We truly understand how people, workplaces, and workflows are interconnected. We transform work to release people from the tedium of repetitive tasks so they can better communicate their thoughts and unleash their creativity and potential.
Ricoh wants to enable people to derive satisfaction and accomplishment through what they can achieve.

The future that lies beyond the transformation is a sustainable society where job satisfaction and economic growth are in harmony.

We will all contribute to a future that achieves our vision of fulfillment through work.



    Act from the customer’s


    Approach everything positively
    and purposefully


    Learn and improve
    from the facts


    Break with the status quo
    to create value without limits


    Respect all stakeholders
    and co-create value


    Succeed by embracing challenges
    through courage and agility


    Act with honesty
    and accountability