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Dialogue between Ricoh Outside Directors and Shareholders(Institutional Investors)

Engaging with shareholders and other stakeholders is vital to improve Ricoh’s corporate value over the medium through long terms.
Ricoh’s outside directors convened this session with institutional investor shareholders to deepen their understanding of the Company’s governance situation by sharing Board of Directors and Nomination and Compensation committee specifics from the perspectives of those directors, who have spearheaded governance reforms.

■ Meeting on Friday, November 18

Date :November 18, 2022
Style :In-person meeting (Shin-Marunouchi Building Conference Square)
Attendees :

Institutional investors:11 people from 10 institutions
<Ricoh outside directors>
Masami IijimaLead Outside Director and Chairperson of Nomination Committee
Mutsuko HatanoChairperson of the Board
Keisuke YokooChairperson of Compensation Committee
Tomohiro Umeda General Manager, Board of Directors Office
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