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Vision and Concept

The ideal vision and basic environmental policies to be implemented

Three Ps Balance

Ricoh describes its desired sustainable society through a Three Ps Balance—Prosperity (economic), People (society), and Planet (environment).

Comet Circle

The Comet Circle—a concept for realizing a circular economy—expresses the greater picture of our environmental impact reduction scheme, which includes the scope of the Ricoh Group as a manufacturer and sales company. It also covers the entire lifecycle of our products as well as the upstream and downstream of our business activities.

Environmental Principles

Ricoh established its Environmental Principles in 1992 to clearly show the basic policy and action guidelines that we should follow for environmental conservation.

Ricoh Group Environmental Declaration

Ricoh Group Environmental Declaration

We proactively reduce environmental impact and strive to improve the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities to achieve a zero-carbon society and a circular economy through business.