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Information Security at the Ricoh Group

Information Security at the Ricoh Group

Activities for Information Security :
Developing Management Utilizing Information

Values RIcoh Delivers :
Creating New Values for the Good of the World

Providing Values :
Information Security for a New Era

The Ricoh Group obtained ISMS certification in 2004 and completed the second renewal audit for certification registration in the 2010.

The Ricoh Group is promoting visualization of the effectiveness of its ISMS through quantification, in addition to ensuring conformity to ISMS standards.

These activities are supported by risk assessments and internal audit process using IT technologies.

In a series of articles, we will introduce the Ricoh Group's information security management to be implemented for the new era, after successfully visualizing and ensuring the effectiveness of our ISMS.

A series of articles about ISMS :
Shift of Focus from “Conformity” to “Effectiveness” in ISMS Auditing

  1. Problems Related to the ISMS Internal Audit
    –What caused the internal auditors to become so fussy?
  2. We Cannot Respond to Invisible Issues
    –Visualization of Information Security Risks
  3. Auditing for Maintenance and Development of Business
    –Actual Audits on Effectiveness