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Information security training

Information security training

Multi-faceted information security training by participation by all employees is effective for continuously improving the information security level of Group ISMS.

Training for all employees

The Ricoh Group conducts training for all employees.
Training is conducted every year for all employees, not only for executives, managers and general employees, but also for temporary employees as well.


E-learning is for learning what information security is and the basic rules of conduct in handling business information. The training material is revised every year and is designed so that all learners can complete by the deadline.

E-learning is more than just cramming knowledge into learners. It also calls their attention to actions in the precautions for day-to-day activities that may develop into a serious incident or accident. It aims to clearly indicate the dos and don’ts. It educates in an easy-to-understand manner on specific actions to take in information security and the reasons for those.

Moreover, e-learning ensures that the penalties for violating the information security rules are fully known and understood by all employees, with the aim of that being to prevent violations.

Targeted e-mail attack training

In recent years, growing importance has been placed on measures against targeted cyber attacks carried out by means such as sending e-mails. The Ricoh Group conducts drills that help employees to understand the characteristics of attack e-mails and deal with them properly. Employee awareness of attack e-mails has risen through the drills, and the rate of mock cyber attack e-mails being opened has been decreasing every year, proving the effectiveness of training. Therefore, we will continue to conduct the training into the future.