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Information security at the Ricoh Group

Information security at the Ricoh Group

Issuing Information Security Reports

Information Security Report 2023

This report provides an overview of the Ricoh Group’s information security initiatives.

In the Ricoh Group’s management philosophy, our mission is to “continue to create and provide new value that is useful to the world through the relationship between people and information.”

As a company whose business domain is digital services, the Ricoh Group believes that efforts in information security are essential for delivering products and services that customers can use with peace of mind.

Based on this belief, we have issued our Information Security Report.
We encourage you to take a look.


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[News] Third ISMS Renewal Audit Completed

Overview of information security at the Ricoh Group

Group ISMS priority activities and implementation status

ISMS certification

Ricoh Family Group Information Security Measures (RFG ISMeasures)

Information security training

Incident/accident management

Activity reports and activity plans

FY2015 activity report and FY2016 activity plan

FY2014 activity report and FY2015 activity plan

FY2013 activity report and FY2014 activity plan

FY2012 activity report and FY2013 activity plan

Providing value

[Column] From ISMS conformity audits to effectiveness audits

1. The problems with ISMS internal audits
―How conformity audits tend to nitpick―

2. You cannot deal with what you cannot see
―Visualizing information security risks―

3. What is an audit for business maintenance and advancement?
―Effectiveness audits in practice―

[Column] Group efforts in ISMS optimization

1. Overview of Group efforts to optimize our ISMS

Library “Skylight of Knowledge”