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Promotion of sustainable environmental management
Conservation of Biodiversity

Taking measures for biodiversity conservation

Human society relies heavily on the various “gifts” provided by the earth’s ecosystems, and biodiversity is a big factor in these ecosystems.
Believing that the conservation of biodiversity leads to truly affluent and sustainable societies, the Ricoh Group established the Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy in 2009.
Based on this policy, we are working to reduce the environmental impacts associated with our business activities while at the same time maintaining and enhancing the earth’s ability to regenerate itself.

As issues related to business operations, the Biodiversity Policy sets out policies on the evaluation, understanding and analysis of influences on biodiversity, on the promotion of technical development and on cooperation with stakeholders.

Biodiversity conservation through business activities

By elucidating the relationship between our business activities and ecosystems, we carry out biodiversity-friendly business activities.
The Ricoh Group uses a map specifically created to show the exact relationship between our business activities and biodiversity. The “Map of Corporate Activities and Biodiversity” shows the relationship between our corporate activities, such as product life cycle and land use activities, and biodiversity at a glance.
From the map, we learned that the copier industry has a large impact on the ecosystem due to procurement of raw materials (e.g., paper pulp and metals) and manufacturing and consumption of paper. We will use the information from the map in our conservation activities in close cooperation with each business division.

Map of Corporate Activities and Biodiversity

Ricoh’s forest conservation activities - One Million Trees Project

Considering forest conservation important not only from the viewpoint of biodiversity conservation but also from that of global warming prevention and sustainable community development, The Ricoh Group is promoting forest development both in terms of protection and in the increase of trees.