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Forest development through cooperative work with customers

Activities by Ricoh Japan

Ricoh Japan, a Ricoh Group sales company in Japan, is planting mangrove trees in the Philippines and Indonesia through NPOs and other organizations in accordance with the results of the installation of the targeted products and services by our customers. Through reporting of these activities to our customers, we aim to expand the circle of the SDGs and achieve the goals of the SDGs together with our customers.The project started in February 2020, and by March 2022, approximately 220,000 mangroves had been planted (135,000 in FY2021 and 85,000 in FY2020). Mangrove forests are used not only for preserving ecosystems and reducing CO₂ emissions, but also for protection against high waves and as a place to cultivate shrimps. Mangroves are also providing new income for local residents who lost their jobs due to the COVID19 pandemic. Through mangrove plantations, Ricoh Japan will contribute to achieving the following SDGs: 1. No Poverty, 2. Zero Hunger, 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities, 13. Climate Action, 14. Life Below Water, and 15. Life on Land.

Cooperating Organizations:
YL Forest Co., Ltd.

Image: Ricoh Japan Initiatives

Image: Ricoh Japan Initiatives