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Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy

Society has developed thanks to the earth's abundant natural resources. However, we recognize that the very diversity of life that has supported our environment is in decline; so, in response, we have formulated this biodiversity policy.

Basic Policy

Given that we gain a lot of benefit from living things and pursue business activities that have an impact on biodiversity, we will reduce the impact of our activities on biodiversity and engage proactively in its protection.

1. Management tasks

Treat biodiversity protection as essential for ensuring the sustainable growth of the company, and implement sustainable environmental management.

2. Understanding and reducing impact

Assess, grasp, analyze, and set numerical targets for the impact on biodiversity of all our business activities, including raw materials procurement, and work continuously to reduce this impact.

3. Implementation

Give priority to measures with a high degree of impact and effectiveness from a biodiversity and business perspective.

4. Developing new technologies

Aim to realize a sustainable society, develop technologies that make use of biological resources, learn from the mechanisms of ecosystems and the nature of living things, and employ the knowledge gained to develop technologies and sustainable production processes.

5. Working with local communities

From the perspective of sustainable development, work not only with government organizations, but also with local residents, NGOs, and other stakeholders to promote the protection of the precious global ecosystems and of the biodiversity of countries and regions where we conduct business.

6. Involving each person

By getting executives to take the lead and implementing Group-wide educational initiatives, enhance recognition of the importance of biodiversity among all employees to enable them to act independently.

7. Expanding the scope of our activities

By collaborating with customers, suppliers, other companies, NGOs, international organizations, and so on, share information, knowledge and experience concerning biodiversity, and expand the scope of our protection activities.

8. Communication

Contribute to raising awareness of biodiversity protection among people at large by sharing the experience of our activities and achievements proactively.