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Social Contribution Activities

In addition to Resolution of social issues through business activities(Creating Shared Value:CSV), we are also committed to carrying out socially beneficial activities in a steady, responsible manner, both within and outside of our business functions. These activities include initiatives the Group and its employees lead as well as support given to nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.

Focus Areas(Materiality) and main Social Contribution Activities

Priority 1:Inclusion of work
  • Background of Establishment
  • Established based on our vision of becoming a company that supports the "Fulfilment through Work" so that people can focus on the more creative work that only human can do, while closely following the concept of "working people" that we announced in the 20th Mid-Term Management Plan.
  • Targets and Description
  • Supporting the "Fulfilment through Work" for people with disabilities, those who are homeless, immigrants/refugees, or single mothers as well as others who have difficulty in working.
  • Related programs
  • Support activities for parents and children through Kids' Album SODACHIE.(Japanese)
  • Support activities for parents and children through Kids' Album SODACHIE.

    We support the resolution of the social problems experienced mainly by working parents and their children with, for example, childcare for sick and disabled children and for the children of lone parents by donating a portion of the profits from the online photo sales service "Kids' Album SODACHIE" to the NPO Florence. Through this activity, and in cooperation with Florence, we aim to realize a society in which a whole community helps to raise children, as opposed to the present society in which they are raised only by their parents.

Priority2: QOL enhancement (Education, Healthcare and Community development)
  • Background of Establishment
  • Established based on our "Materiality" in line with our basic management philosophy of "providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability."
  • Targets and Description
  • Contribution to education for the Next-Generation required by our society and support for Healthcare and Local Communities.
  • Related programs
  • Ricoh Science Caravan(Japanese)
  • Ricoh Science Caravan

    Ricoh Science Caravan was launched to provide opportunities for children in Japan to develop a love for science. The caravan travels to educational facilities, mainly science halls and schools throughout Japan, engaging children in science experiments. The Caravan offers experience-based interactive programs developed and operated with Ricoh’s human and technological resources. We select appropriate topics, such as the basic principles of copiers using static electricity and the structure of digital cameras.

  • The Ichimura Nature School Kanto(Japanese)
  • The Ichimura Nature School Kanto

    The Ichimura Nature School Kanto gives children a chance to “learn how to live from Mother Nature” in an agricultural community. In this way, they learn how to “develop yourself by thinking together, using each other’s ideas, and doing field work together with the blessing of nature.” We also support activities of Daichi no Kai (the Earth Club), a group voluntarily established by alumni of the program, particularly in organizing major activities, such as general meetings, summer camps, and alumni farms. We will continue to support the development of students, including graduates of the school, as they take their place in society.

Priority3:Response to Climate Crisis and Biodiversity
  • Background of Establishment
  • In recent years, the term climate crisis has been used instead of climate change because of its seriousness, and the global responses that are required. The conservation of biodiversity was established as a field that has been addressed by Ricoh for many years and it is closely related to the climate crisis.
  • Targets and Description
  • Global warming prevention, conservation of forests that contribute to biodiversity conservation, and tree-planting activities.
  • Related programs

Employee Participation Activities

For a company to effectively utilize its resources to address social challenges, enhanced social awareness of its employees is essential. With this view, we offer a spectrum of opportunities to help individual employees raise their awareness and sensitivity toward social issues, and encourage them to take action in some form by participating in volunteer activities or making efforts within their business engagements.

FreeWill, Ricoh’s Social Contribution Club

image:Tree planting in Rikuzentakata CityTree planting in Rikuzentakata City

image:Children receiving donated picture books in IndiaChildren receiving donated picture books in India

FreeWill is an employee-led endeavor launched in 1999 that seeks to turn individual donations into a sizable fund for social contribution activities underpinned by greater participation and sustained involvement in the movement. Currently, employees of a total of 9 group companies including Ricoh are voluntarily participating in activities as FreeWill members.

Employees who belong to FreeWill donate a portion of their salary and bonus, with the collected funds going to nonprofit and other organizations that promote solutions to social problems and employees’ social contribution activities. The club invites suggestions from members, based on which the delegate members discuss which organizations and activities to support.

The donations made by employees are matched by contributions from the 9 member companies (Ricoh, Ricoh Japan, Ricoh Logistics System, Ricoh IT Solutions, Ricoh Leasing, Ricoh Creative Service, Ricoh Industry, Ricoh Technologies, and Ricoh Industrial Solutions).

FreeWill also organizes member activities. Among major programs are: a cherry tree planting activity along the tsunami water line in Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture, which was devastated by the catastrophic tsunami that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake; and the Picture Book Project, in which members send Japanese picture books to children in India and Bangladesh after attaching stickers of the text translated into local languages. These activities provide many members with opportunities to become involved in social contribution.

Ricoh Global SDGs Action

image:Employees of Ricoh Europe installing a bird box.Employees of Ricoh Europe installing a bird box.

The Ricoh Group is promoting various initiatives to achieve the SDGs based on our corporate philosophy, business strategy and environmental management initiatives.

In June 2019, we renamed "Ricoh Global Eco Action", an environmental event held in June of each year, “Ricoh Global SDGs Action". This event not only addresses global warming and other eco-actions for the realization of a carbon-free society, but also involves group employees working together to think and act on a wide range of social issues. Through this activity, we aim to broaden the scope of our activities to achieve the SDGs and to expand them into a large-scale action cycle.

Contribution to the community and sports promotion through Rugby

The Ricoh Black Rams rugby team promoting rugbyThe Ricoh Black Rams rugby team promoting rugby.

The Ricoh Black Rams rugby team actively promotes the spread of the Kids' Rugby, local sports and the nurturing of youth through rugby for residents. It also contributes to the local community so that it can be a club that is loved by the local community.

Past Projects