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Goal of achieving a “zero-carbon society

Contributing to achievement of a zero-carbon society

The Paris Agreement, an international agreement to combat global warming, calls for the increase in global average temperature to be controlled to within 2ºC and for global greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced to virtually zero by the second half of this century.
In order to realize a zero-carbon society where greenhouse gas emissions are controlled, the Ricoh Group employs three perspectives: technological development to realize a zero-carbon society, provision of businesses related to energy-saving and renewable energies, and decarbonization in business activities. We carry out measures to promote initiatives that can contribute not only to our corporate operation but also to society as a whole.

Technological development to realize a zero-carbon society

To achieve a zero-carbon society, the development of new technologies, such as energy-saving technologies to reduce energy used in products and services as well as technologies to reduce CO2 emissions by using renewable energy rather than fossil fuels, is essential.

The Ricoh Group is working on a variety of technological innovations, including those for office equipment that combines high energy-saving performance with ease of use, for industrial media with low CO2 life cycle emissions compared to conventional paper, and for solutions for equipment operation involving renewable energies such as solar energy and energy from lighting fixtures.

Providing businesses related to energy-saving and renewable energies

We believe that we can contribute to the widespread reduction of CO2 emissions by providing our customers with a variety of solution services that will cut carbon emissions for both offices and society as a whole.

We will keep offering a variety of zero-carbon solutions, including our managed print service (MPS) for reducing CO2 in the customer office environment, production and management of renewable energies, use of green electricity and electric vehicles (EVs), and energy management systems for customer offices.

Decarbonization in business operation of Ricoh offices

Exhaustive energy-saving activities and active and efficient use of renewable energies are carried out in business operations at the Ricoh Group.

At our production sites, we implement comprehensive energy-saving activities, such as improvement of production processes and use of highly efficient equipment. In addition, we have been replacing energy used in operation with renewable energy to further make our business operations carbon free.