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Driving open innovation for a sustainable future

Below, we highlight three examples of how we are tapping our myriad advanced technologies to develop and deliver sustainable solutions for ourselves and our customers.

A shift toward hybrid offices is accelerating as people increasingly opt for satellite offices or working from home. Also, satellite offices and co-working spaces are not just in city centers. They are springing up in suburbs and rural areas.
Organizations accordingly have to make workplaces more comfortable while offering more flexible working hours. Ricoh is cultivating sensing technology and cloud-based solutions that provide comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient work environments.

image:Providing comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient work environments

In the relatively near future, cities will become smart and environment-friendly, drawing on information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, big data, and other advanced technologies to manage energy more efficiently. Electric vehicles will be key transportation modes.
Ricoh will be poised by then to offer cloud-based corporate electric vehicle sharing services that harness knowledge and technologies that it has amassed as one of the first companies to deploy these vehicles in its corporate fleet. These services will help customers to cut greenhouse gas emissions and lower fleet costs.

image:Offering electric vehicle support and sharing services solutions

People and businesses alike are increasingly aware of the need for environmental conservation. Companies that fail to consider their environmental impacts will fall by the wayside. Coming years should see more efforts to reduce plastic waste in the oceans and benefit ecosystems.
Ricoh has accordingly endeavored to cut its use of petroleum-derived materials in its products and conserve resources. It is also taking steps to identify materials so it can more easily recycle conventional plastics and eliminate burning and landfill disposal. It is also developing bioplastics.

■Waste plastic identification flow

image:■Waste plastic identification flow

■Biomass resource circulation

image:Biomass resource circulation