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Feasibility Studies of New Environmental Technologies

Feasibility Studies of New Environmental Technologies

To build a sustainable society, Ricoh envisions the future that we and our customers want to live in. To make it happen, we develop and provide new solutions by making full use of advanced technologies based on the broad know-how we have been developing.

Comfortable, healthy, eco work environment
—anytime, anywhere

The increasing need to change the way we work will lead to increased diversity in where we work and how we work. The move toward hybrid offices will be accelerated as more people choose to work in a satellite office or telework from home. Also, satellite offices and co-working spaces will not be limited to urban areas alone, but they will also spring up in suburban and rural areas.
Organizations will be required to address various workplace challenges, such as making the workplaces more while allowing for flexible working hours. Ricoh is promoting sensing technology development and cloud-based solutions that will enable comfortable, healthy office environments for workers, all while saving energy.

image:Office Space Control Solutions

A smart and enjoyable society where Electronic Vehicles prevail

In a not-so-distant future, cities will be transforming themselves into environment-friendly “smart cities” where energy is efficiently managed using advanced technologies such as ICT and AI, as well as big data. EVs will be the prominent means of transportation.
When this transformation happens, Ricoh will provide customers with cloud-based corporate EV sharing services utilizing our experience and technology developed as one of the first companies to adopt EVs throughout our corporate fleet. We will promote greenhouse gas reductions and lower the cost of ownership for corporate vehicles through our environmentally friendly EV sharing services.

image:EV sharing service solutions

Providing the world with goods and services that are environmentally friendly

People and businesses alike are increasingly becoming more aware of the need for environmental conservation, and companies that fail to consider their environmental impact will fall by the wayside. Additionally, we will see increased activities geared towards mitigating the effects on ecosystems and the reduction of plastic waste in the oceans.
In such a future world, Ricoh will be working to reduce the amount of petroleum-derived materials used in our products and promote resource conservation, all while making suggestions to customers in various industries about products made with bioplastic and other materials. We will also accelerate our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and other measures to prevent environmental pollution, thus contributing to the realization of a zero-carbon society and circular economy.

image:Solutions with environment-friendly new materials