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Pollution Prevention
Management of chemical substances contained in products (examples)

Ricoh Group’s management system for chemical substances contained in products (MSC)

To manage and reduce environmentally sensitive substances contained in Ricoh products, all divisions of the Ricoh Group involved in production, including those related to design, materials and manufacturing (design, materials and manufacturing divisions) got together to build a management system for chemical substances contained in products (MSC)*1. The management system works to thoroughly eliminate chemical substances that are prohibited to be used in products. In addition, in the unlikely event of contamination, the system provides a workflow to follow for an appropriate primary response, prevention of expansion (via shipment of parts and products) and recurrence prevention.
We have also established a mechanism to trace how much chemical substances are contained in which parts of equipment and products, which enables management of the level of substances for each part. Our system can also provide a prompt response in the future, when tightened regulations prohibit the use of substances that are currently allowed to be used in products.

Chemical substances Management System (CMS) for substances contained in products throughout the supply chain

Chemical substances Management Systems (CMSs)*2 have been developed globally to cover suppliers of parts and materials used in Ricoh products, in addition to the system used internally at the Ricoh Group. We provide training to employees of suppliers and certify them as CMS inspectors. Certified inspectors at suppliers conduct internal audits of their own companies and examine secondary and tertiary upstream suppliers working on important processes where environmentally sensitive chemical substances are used. They also provide support to assist the upstream suppliers to build their own CMSs.
By establishing these management systems throughout the supply chain including at Ricoh, we have secured a production system where no Ricoh products can be contaminated with environmentally sensitive chemical substances.