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Environmental Labels TypeIII - Type III Environmental Declaration -


Type III environmental labels indicate the environmental impact of products and services in a quantitative manner and are stipulated in ISO14025 as an international standard. The Ricoh group has established a system to collect various types of data with regard to parts, components, etc., that constitute its products and has obtained System Certification of the EcoLeaf Environmental Label, a domestic environmental label system in accordance with ISO14025, to evaluate the life-cycle environmental impact of the products. Thorough this evaluation, we examine and implement effective methods to quantitatively grasp what types of impact are generated on the environment by which parts of Ricoh products, and then reduce them. The Ricoh group is also engaged in the Carbon Footprint of Products (CFP) program, which is a scheme for indicating greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire life cycle of products and services, and is working on the visualization of greenhouse gas emissions.

EcoLeaf Environmental Label

Published EcoLeaf environmental labels ((PCR:“AD: EP(Electrophotographic Printer) and IJ(Ink Jet) printer”))