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What is the Chromebook/Chrome OS

A Chromebook is a computer that runs Chrome OS - the fast, simple and secure computer operating system built by Google LCC(hereafter Google).
Please refer to the following URL:

Printing from Chromebook

Chromebook runs applications through the Chrome OS which adopts the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) for printing.
CUPS requires a PPD format file to change the print settings.
To print from Chromebook, RICOH provides PPD files and asks Google to bundle them with the Chrome OS.
By installing PPD files, users can print from Chromebook with RICOH products.

Google also provides a printing system called Google Cloud Print to print from Chromebook.
After Google ends support for Google Cloud Print (as of December 31, 2020), Google recommends printing with CUPS as an alternative.

Operating Environment

Chrome OS 86.0.4240.77 or later.

How to Install/Uninstall

The general installation procedure is explained at the following URL:

To specify the model's PPD when installing a network printer, please follow these steps.
  1. In the "Add a printer manually" window, set "Line Printer Daemon (LPD)" as the Protocol and press the Add button.

    Add a printer manually

  2. In the "Advanced printer configuration" window, set "Ricoh" as the Manufacturer, select the model, and press the Add button.

    Advanced printer configuration

To use the RICOH Streamline NX V3, set "Ricoh Generic PS Printer" as the Model.
Ricoh Generic PS Printer is bundled with Chrome OS 87.0.4280.88 or later.
Please also check the RICOH Streamline NX V3's supported model list which can get from Ricoh sales team to use along with the Chromebook/PPD.
Please refer to the installation guide for RICOH Streamline NX V3 for instructions on how to add a printer.

Model list

Release Notes

For Chrome OS 91.0.4472.81

Following models are newly supported.

      RICOH IM 2500
      RICOH IM 3000
      RICOH IM 3500
      RICOH IM 4000
      RICOH IM 5000
      RICOH IM 6000
      RICOH IM 2509J
      RICOH IM 3009J
      RICOH IM 3509J
      Gestetner IM 2500
      Gestetner IM 3000
      Gestetner IM 3500
      Gestetner IM 4000
      Gestetner IM 5000
      Gestetner IM 6000
      SAVIN IM 2500
      SAVIN IM 3000
      SAVIN IM 3500
      SAVIN IM 4000
      SAVIN IM 5000
      SAVIN IM 6000
      LANIER IM 2500
      LANIER IM 3000
      LANIER IM 3500
      LANIER IM 4000
      LANIER IM 5000
      LANIER IM 6000
      Gestetner GS3025m
      Gestetner GS3030m
      Gestetner GS3035m
      Gestetner GS3040m
      Gestetner GS3050m
      Gestetner GS3060m
      NRG IM 2500
      NRG IM 3000
      NRG IM 3500
      NRG IM 4000
      NRG IM 5000
      NRG IM 6000


  1. The PPD functions that can be set in the print dialog vary depending on the Google Chrome OS version.
  2. Some functions might not be available depending on the model.