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RICOH Smart Device Connector

An app that provides enhanced support for connecting smart devices and RICOH products. RICOH Smart Device Connector

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So how can you achieve the kind of next-generation work style you have come to expect from Ricoh? The answer is “RICOH Smart Device Connector.”

Smart devices are seeing greater and greater use on the business scene, but procedures for connection to office equipment are complex and still by no means stress free. With RICOH Smart Device Connector those complex procedures become simple, and you can seamlessly connect to various devices.

You can operate a multifunction product by just holding the smart device over it, and you can operate a projector or electronic whiteboard by just reading a QR code. The data made available via the connection of a smart device with other devices will support quick decision making and a high level of value creation. Get started immediately by just downloading a free app. Your everyday working environment will become a more creative place.

What's Smart Device Connector?

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Models supported

RICOH Smart Device Connector App is free and it can be downloaded from the following locations

App Store

RICOH Smart Device Connector App for iPhone

Download directly from the App Store using your iPhone or iPad device.

*iTunes installation is necessary.

RICOH Smart Device Connector

Google play

RICOH Smart Device Connector App for Android based devices

Download directly from the Apps section on the Google PlayTM.

RICOH Smart Device Connector

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Download Manual

For Android based devices