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Ricoh Global Services

"Ricoh Global Services" : One partner for all your global needs.

Dedicated to driving value for organisations across the globe, the Ricoh Global Services team provides standardised, consistent, end-to-end solutions. We have coverage in approximately 200 countries and territories around the world and we employ over 30,000 service delivery professionals. Our unrivalled direct sales and support network has the capability to service 95% of Fortune Global 500 company employees which means that you can rely on one partner for all your global needs.

About Ricoh Global Services

We provide consulting, strategic support and long-term partnerships to our customers. We approach our customers with the knowledge of the unique challenges facing businesses in their industry, and from there we address the issues that are important to our customers' business, such as, improving document processes to drive productivity and efficiency across the business, reducing costs, enhancing security, supporting mobility and reducing environmental impacts.

Global Managed Solutions

With offices worldwide, Ricoh Global Services provides customers with:

  • A consistent platform for integrated Managed Document Solutions
  • A comprehensive range of services that enables organizations to outsource key document-related processes
  • An adaptive approach to service engagements to work towards continuous improvement for your business
  • A single global point of contact and central coordination

By standardizing your solutions across your organization we can continuously increase value and consistency.

Delivering Value

Ricoh′s global network benefits customers in a number of ways.

At a central level:

  • We provide our customers with a consistent global service in every country they operate in
  • We provide a Ricoh Global Account Team for central coordination, as well as a global governance structure ensuring that we provide seamless support to you in every region worldwide
  • This provides you with greater control over your worldwide operations

On a more local level:

  • We can provide multilingual support to you on a local level for a fast, flexible response to your needs
  • By having offices and service delivery professionals in so many countries worldwide, we can respond quickly to any customer requests, wherever they may be
  • Our worldwide offices also ensure that we have a good understanding of local markets and different cultures

image:Our Service Level

Ricoh Global Account Team

We assign a leading team - headed by a Global Account Manager - as a counterpart for your team at headquarters.

  • Global Account Manager: Acts as a central point of accountability and information for the global activities between Ricoh and the customer, manages the Global Account Team
  • Global Contract Manager: Responsible for global contract and pricing
  • Global Solution Consultant: Main contact with customer to grasp global solution requirements, and to make appropriate solution proposals, based in technology center
  • Global Technical Project Manager: Main technical contact in deploying the technical components of the contract, based in technology center
  • Global Project Manager: Drives standardized implementation on global basis and ensures escalation of deployment issues; belongs to Global Project Management Office (GPMO), allowing for a standard service delivery approach in the Ricoh Project Management Framework
  • Global Service Delivery Manager: Responsible for day-to-day operational management of international agreement, ensuring all SLAs are met

image:Ricoh Global Account Team

Ricoh's Global Account Team is organized in "mirror" of the customer location. Local representatives are appointed to represent and support your company's subsidiaries at each of your local locations.

Through our Case Studies, you can learn more about the value we have delivered to our global customers and discover how we can help you.