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"RICOH @Remote" for Printing Devices

About Security

RICOH @Remote uses the following methods
to ensure security in communications

-Remote Communication Gate (RC Gate) obtains ISO 15408 certification (Common Criteria) that is the international standard to evaluate IT security of a product or system (RC Gate for Japan is not applied).

-Communications with the Data Center pass through the security network configured by the customer.

-Communications between RC Gate and Ricoh, and between devices and RC Gate, use the SSL system (*).

  • *SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol with added data encryption, is widely used in applications such as Internet shopping.

-The devices, RC Gate and Ricoh systems, each have their own electronic certificates.
These certificates are exchanged before every communication transaction, authenticating the counterpart for each party before using the public key encryption for communications, which protects data from improper acquisition through spoofing. The RC Gate and each device has its own, specific certificate.

-The RC Gate regularly polls the Ricoh Group side to report its operational status, and to verify the instruction sent by the Data Center. When the devices are accessed from the Data Center for purposes such as firmware updates, communication is only enabled after mutual cross-checking when the RC Gate polls the Data Center at regular intervals. Therefore, the Ricoh Group will never initiate an RC Gate action from the Internet.
Also, the RC Gate makes automatic reports at the following times.
(These are not communications at polling times)

-Meter/counter reporting (automatic meter/counter reading), automatic notification of a breakdown, alarm information, manual calls and toner calls.

About Security

- RICOH @Remote sends information on services provided, such as maintenance of managed devices, and RC Gate (the RICOH @Remote dedicated device) registration information, to the Data Center. The RC Gate never acquires any data that has been scanned or output by the devices.