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Line of Business

The Ricoh Group initiated a structure of five business units and a Group headquarters. We have shifted to a setup where each business unit integrates everything from development through production and sales and runs autonomously.

RICOH Digital Services

We leverage robust customer touchpoints by using technology to connect workplaces, extending from offices to remote locations and frontlines. We help customers build digital workflows and streamline business processes.

RICOH Digital Services provides sales and support in around 200 countries and regions around the world through regional headquarters in Japan, the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. We are expanding digital services, as a service integrator, by drawing on our global customer touchpoints and strengths in integrating an array of applications, services, and edge devices. We deliver customer value in four key areas. These are IT infrastructure, digitizing workflows, digitalizing frontlines, and new workstyles. We are focusing on strengthening RICOH Smart Integration (RSI), a cloudbased co-creation platform that combines devices and applications to support these areas.

RICOH Digital Products

We support the Group's digital services by developing edge devices that contribute to productivity in customer workplaces, including the frontlines. Offerings include multifunction printers (MFPs), the core edge devices in offices.

Ricoh Digital Products remains a manufacturing business unit. A key mission is to keep creating and supplying compelling edge devices that enable Ricoh to deliver advanced digital services to customers. We reinforced our manufacturing structure in various ways in fiscal 2021. For example, we established an integrated structure from development through manufacturing and sales to develop and produce our offerings faster and more efficiently. We will continue pursuing operational excellence while striving to expand our business further and capitalize on incremental growth opportunities.

RICOH Graphic Communications

We support customers in digitalizing their printing sites. We help them transform work practices and expand their businesses by providing digital printing solutions, automating print site production processes, and providing marketing communications tools that integrate paper and electronic media.

We aim to help commercial, industrial, and enterprise printing customers and brand owners to improve on-site digital transformation and work practice approaches and expand their businesses. We also seek to maximize customer value and resolve social issues. Specifically, through promoting digital printing, we will offer customers high-value printed materials on-demand that meet their needs, thereby helping them to expand their businesses and reducing their carbon footprint by curtailing mass printing and disposal.

RICOH Industrial Solutions

We enhance customer productivity by digitalizing customer workplaces in the manufacturing and logistics sectors. We create new value by delivering total solutions that incorporate utilization of data.

RICOH Industrial Solutions' four businesses all derive from the company's core technologies. The Industrial Media Solutions business uses Ricoh's chemical formulation and coating technology for diazo photosensitive paper. The Precision Components business applies Ricoh's precision processing technology in watches. The Industrial Equipment business utilizes Ricoh's MFPs production technology. The Optical business leverages Ricoh's camera optics technology.

RICOH Futures

We create new businesses and value for tomorrow by innovating to resolve social issues. We also help improve the quality of life and contribute to a decarbonized, circular economy.

RICOH Futures is striving to create future value through incubation initiatives that help resolve social issues. We aim to create a business structure whose growth leads to a better world.