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Line of Business

On April 1, 2021, Ricoh adopted a business unit structure and recategorized its business segments.

RICOH Digital Services

Office Services and Office Printing (sales)
Value provided
Solutions for people working in offices and remotely
Solutions for frontline workers

We provide solutions for customers through total solutions that combine IT environment construction, network environment operation support, and user support, such as providing products and services that support new work styles.




Real estate

Solution packages for specific industries and business issues

RICOH Digital Products

Office Printing (development, production and OEM)
Value provided
Edge devices connecting workers
Manufacturing that supports digital services

Ricoh offers an array of imaging equipment such as MFPs, printers and other hardware for office use. We also develop edge devices that connect people and people, people and data to support new ways of working.

Interactive whiteboards

RICOH Graphic Communications

Commercial Printing and Industrial Printing
Value provided
Solutions for printing site workers

Commercial Printing

We deliver a wide range of high-value-added digital printing products and services in quantities that meet user demand, whether large or small.

High-speed continuous feed inkjet printing system

On demand printing systems
Publications in an array of designs

Industrial Printing

We manufacture and market industrial inkjet print heads, inkjet ink, printers to print to everything from furniture, wall paper, automobile exteriors and clothing fabrics.

Inkjet print heads
Wide format industrial printers
Sign graphics by industrial printing
Decoration by industrial printing
Direct to garment printers
Original T shirts and tote bags
printed with a direct to garment printer

RICOH Industrial Solutions

Thermal Media and Industrial Products
Value provided
Solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and industry workers

Thermal media

We produce and market thermal paper and thermal media for food labels, clothing tags, tickets and handy terminal paper.

Thermal Media

Food POS labels
Handy terminal paper

Industrial products

We supply automotive stereo cameras and automotive precision machined parts utilizing our optical and image processing technologies.

Industrial Products

Automotive stereo cameras
Precision machined parts

RICOH Futures

Value provided
Creating new businesses to resolve social issues

We leverage the Group's technological prowess to provide an array of products and services for industrial and consumer applications. We are also cultivating new opportunities, such as in medical imaging (healthcare) and in creating environmental technologies and businesses.

Spherical camerasSpherical cameras
Virtual preview with spherical imagesVirtual preview with spherical images
Road surface inspection systemRoad surface inspection system
Tunnel monitoring SystemTunnel monitoring System
Providing the standard scale for genetic testsProviding the standard scale for genetic tests
Dye-sensitized solar cellsDye-sensitized solar cells
Plant-derived, compostable PLAPlant-derived, compostable PLA
Single lens reflex camerasSingle lens reflex cameras
Products and solutions introduced here are for the Japanese market.