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Ricoh Releases a New IR Camera, the ”PENTAX 645D IR” in Japan

Tokyo, December 12, 2012 — Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced that the IR (Infrared Range) camera "PENTAX 645D IR" was released in the Japanese market. The "PENTAX 645D IR" was developed based on the "PENTAX 645D" with high resolution, mobility and a solid reputation. This camera can capture infrared thanks to the placement of a visible light cut filter on the lens. An invisible drawing in a lower, hidden layer of an old painting can be captured through the surface layer. You can see draft drawings, or what a painter originally imagined and sketched, which would normally be impossible to see. This camera is a great solution for cultural property management. You will find that the camera allows you to see the condition of the object at the beginning, and the process of changing over time. The camera is designed for research companies, museums, libraries and specialized law enforcement units such as CSI units. General consumers will not be the intended target for the "PENTAX 645D IR".
You can take a regular, non-IR photographs with the "PENTAX645D IR" with an optional visible light filter.

IR Picture example: "KIKU (Chrysanthemum)" by Seiki Kuroda
IR Picture example:

From Pola Museum

Product Name PENTAX 645D IR
Price Open Price
Date of Release December 12, 2012
Estimated Sales 100 units / Year


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