To ensure that our products are environmentally responsible, we are promoting (1) energy conservation and global warming prevention, (2) resource conservation and recycling, and (3) pollution prevention.

Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming

Ricoh’s energy conservation technologies such as “Color QSU energy-saving technology (DH fixing system),” “low melting point toner (color PxP-EQ toner), and newly developed technologies including “power management technology” and “smart position motor” have continued to evolve, contributing to the development of highly efficient energy-saving products in various fields.

Resource Conservation /Recycling

Based on our concept, "Comet Circle," we aim at effective use of resources by engaging in recycling with lower environmental impact and higher economic benefits, and are working to reduce the input of new resources in product manufacturing.

Pollution Prevention

We offer products that are kind to the environment and to people by reducing and strictly managing environmentally sensitive substances.

  • Environmental LabelsSee more details about Environmental Labels.
  • MSDS Ricoh would like to provide you the toner MSDS on the web site.

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