Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy

Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy

Recognizing that our businesses depend on the ecosystem and that biodiversity plays an indispensable role in the health of the ecosystem, we have been striving to conserve biodiversity.


Human society largely depends on the ecosystem but has imparted a tremendous burden upon it. In the past 50 years, the global biodiversity has been badly degraded due to human activities. If we do not start to conserve the biodiversity and use natural resources in a more sustainable manner, the survival of human society may be at risk. Based on these recognitions, the Ricoh Group believes that not only reducing environmental impact, but also maintaining and improving the Earth’s self-recovery capabilities, play important roles toward building a truly rich society that is founded on the sustainable global environment (Approach to building a sustainable society).
As indicated in the Ricoh Group Environmental Principles that were established in 1992, we see that conservation of the global environment carries as much importance as management activities and thus we engage in activities that promote global environmental conservation. Furthermore, we established the “Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy” in March 2009. Based on this policy, we are not only working to reduce the adverse impact of our business activities on biodiversity, but also promoting the forest ecosystem conservation project along with employees’ volunteer activities toward conserving biodiversity, both of which we have earnestly been implementing.

Our Activities

We would like to introduce activities that are based on the relationship between our business activities and biodiversity. In addition, we would like to introduce the forest ecosystem conservation project and employees’ volunteer activities toward conserving biodiversity, both of which are being implemented around the world.

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