Environmental Label Qualified Products

As of May 11, 2016
Color Monochrome Wide Format
Model ENERGY STAR V2* Blue Angel EPEAT*
MP C2003     Gold
MP C2003G     Gold
MP C2003SP Gold
MP C2003ZSP    
MP C2503     Gold
MP C2503G     Gold
MP C2503SP Gold
MP C2503ZSP    
MP C3003G     Gold
MP C3003SP Gold
MP C3003SPG    
MP C3003ZSP    
MP C305SP Silver
MP C305SPF Silver
MP C306ZSPF Gold
MP C306ZSP    
MP C3503SP Gold
MP C3503SPG   Gold
MP C3503ZSP    
MP C401SP Gold
MP C401SRSP Gold
MP C406ZSPF   Gold
MP C4503ASP    
MP C4503AZSP    
MP C4503SP Gold
MP C4503SPG   Gold
MP C4503ZSP    
MP C5503ASP    
MP C5503AZSP    
MP C5503G     Gold
MP C5503SP Gold
MP C5503SPG    
MP C5503ZSP    
MP C6003G     Gold
MP C6003SP Gold
MP C6003SPG    
MP C6003ZSP    
MP C6502SP Gold
MP C8002SP Gold
SG 3100SNw Silver
SG 3110SFNw Silver
SG 3120B SFNw  
SP C250SF   Silver
SP C252SF   Silver

* The certification listed above is based on US Certification. Please contact with our local sales or general inquiries for certification of particular model in other regions.

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