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Contributing to Solving Social Challenges

The Ricoh Group is working to solve society's problems in two ways — "Resolution of social issues through business activities (Creating Shared Value: CSV)" and "Commitment to and responsibility for social contribution."
Our efforts to solve social issues through business activities is one pillar called "CSV" a strategy founded on the idea that corporate growth can come about by contributing to society. We study global issues to identify opportunities to provide effective solutions through our technology, products, services and human resources, as well as through collaborations with other stakeholders. These initiatives allow us to tap into new markets, find new customers and identify a new axis of competition that resolves or at least alleviates global concerns.
The other pillar, social contributions, refers to activities engaged by the Group or its employees in selected areas of focus. These may include support given to NPOs that are separate from our business functions.
To ensure continuing enthusiasm for both types of initiatives, we offer training to raise awareness of social issues among our employees and foster a corporate culture that is always ready to take on challenges.

Contributing to solving social challenges