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Collaboration with the Social Sector

Based on its basic policy for social contribution activities, the Ricoh Group contributes to the development of a sustainable society and planet in active partnership with like-minded people. In our collaborative efforts to solve social issues, the social sector* is one of the most important partners we have. With this recognition, we share with them our mission and values and promote effective mutual use of resources to build and maintain stable relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

  • *The term social sector collectively refers to NPOs, NGOs, public-interest corporations, social enterprises, and other organizations that are engaged in activities to solve social issues.

Guidelines for collaboration with the social sector

Following the principles and processes described below, the Ricoh Group collaborates with the social sector, making the most of its own strengths as well as those of its social sector partners, through which it strives for effective solutions to social issues:

From project planning to partner selection

To implement a project effectively, we review a project plan and define the objectives of a collaboration and accordingly select a suitable partner. In the selection process, we evaluate partner candidates to ensure that they have the required organizational health and expertise described as follows:

(1) Evaluation of organizations

  • ① The organization willingly discloses its operational report, accounting report, and activity progress report. [Transparency]
  • ② The organization has diverse sources of capital to maintain its financial and organizational independence. [Independence]
  • ③ The organization is in sound financial condition, publicly discloses its organizational structure, and engages in transparent decision-making. [Stability]

(2) Evaluating activities

  • ① The organization can share our mission and objectives in the relevant activity area. [Sharing the mission]
  • ② The organization has excellent expertise and a proven track record in the relevant activity area. [Expertise]
  • ③ The organization has delivered results through its continuous implementation of distinct activities and has earned the trust of society. [Achievements]

■ Processes for collaboration with the social sector

Processes for collaboration with the social sector

From the launch of activities to the completion of the project

Before launching a project, the Ricoh Group and the selected social sector partner discuss and decide on the project's goals, specific activities, period, and implementation scheme, as well as each party's roles in the project. Once the project starts, both parties build a mechanism for regular information sharing on progress updates, and work together to monitor and evaluate the project's progress.
In a project conducted over multiple years, the parties review the evaluation results and jointly make necessary improvement each year toward the following year's plan.
After completion of the project, we measure the project's achievements against its goals and prepare a report.

Main collaborative partners

Main collaborative partner Project name Content
Certified NPO, Florence Kids' Album SODACHIE
We support the resolution of the social problems experienced mainly by working parents and their children with, for example, childcare for sick and disabled children and for the children of lone parents by donating a portion of the profits from the online photo sales service "Kids' Album SODACHIE".
Bird Life International Life
Forest Conservation Projects Creation of mechanisms allowing localpeople to autonomously conserve the forest.
Ena-no-Mori (Ena Forest) Projects
Ena Forest, Nakasendo Satoyama Conference
Initiatives aiming to conserve the environment, raise the next generation, and revitalize and develop the community in the Ena-no-Mori, a Ricoh Elemex Corporation-owned forest.
REACH Digital Support Program for Young People in Vietnam Digital support for unemployed young people who have difficulties in working in Vietnam
Certified NPO, Sodateage Net Digital Support Program for Young People Digital support for unemployed young people who have difficulties in working