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Product Safety

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Basic Policy for Product Safety Activities

Product safety is a basic requirement for customer satisfaction. For this reason, each Ricoh Group company respects life, body and property of people involved in products and the merchandize as a basic stance. Concerned departments of Ricoh Group companies proactively combine their knowledge, act together positively and provide superior products in safety.

Action Policy for Product Safety Activities

1. Compliance to ordinances

Each Ricoh Group company must comply with obligations stipulated in ordinances in Japan and in foreign countries relating to product safety, including the consumer products safety law, etc.

2. Establishment of corporate culture of product safety

Each Ricoh Group company must establish and maintain the corporate culture of “Customer satisfaction” and “Securing of product safety”, through ongoing improvement of product safety management system.

3. Establishment of management system to ensure product safety

Each Ricoh Group company, in addition to safety standards provided by ordinances, must prepare its independent safety standards, and always carry out appropriate safety management in every life cycle of its products in an attempt to continuously improve safety.

4. Collection and disclosure of information regarding accidents caused by products

With respect to accidents involving its products, each Ricoh Group company must aggressively collect relevant information from its customers, while at the same time provide its customers with appropriate information.

5. Response to accidents caused by products

In case of occurrence of accidents caused by its products, each Ricoh Group company must quickly report to the supervising government ministry and agencies under the ordinances, while at the same time, with respect to unforeseen accidents, when it is deemed necessary, take preventive measures against occurrence or expansion of damages, such as products recall.

6. Prevention of accident by misuse

In order to allow safe use of products by customers, each Ricoh Group company must include warnings and indications in operating instructions and the main bodies of the products, which will be useful for the prevention of accidents by misuse or carelessness.

7. Implementation of product safety training

Each Ricoh Group company must implement training and research study aiming at safety improvement.