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Supply Chain Management

Sales and service

To quickly and efficiently provide the products and services that customers need, the Ricoh Group shares usage and customization information with its entire supply chain.

Customization on the production line

In accordance with customer preferences, our factories install memory, double-sided units, expansion trays and more onto products while they are still on the production line. IP addresses and system and program settings can also be customized during assembly so that equipment can be quickly integrated into a network environment. Products also undergo an operating check under the customer’s actual usage conditions while still on the line. The end result is reliable products that can go to work immediately upon installation.

Responding rapidly to customer needs through DB

We have developed a database comprising details of the customer’s selected product and customized information, such as the combination of internal and external options. The database can be used from the development through production stages to direct sales. With this system, we can prevent mistakes in ordering, arrange production to comply with customer specifications and ensure delivery within the deadline.

This database coordinates each process in the system: production/sales plan; orders received; production and production control; shipment and delivery; sales; and basic quality assurance. It efficiently provides the necessary information to related departments in real time, so that all information is updated when it is received. Previously, the role of the factory was to manufacture large volumes of standard products and deliver them to designated warehouses. By using this database on the production line, the factory and the sales divisions cooperate to supply the products in the most appropriate way according to the various needs of the customer.