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Promotion of sustainable environmental management
Working on pollution prevention

Pollution Prevention

Minimizing the adverse effects of chemical substances is the subject of an international agreement, and the Ricoh Group has established basic regulations for managing chemical substances based on this agreement. We aim to minimize the risks of chemical substances used in our business activities and products to people’s health and the environment, and thus are managing the substances to ensure safety for the Group and people involved as well as for the environment.

Management of chemical substances used for product manufacturing

To prevent contamination by chemical substances used during manufacturing processes, the Ricoh Group takes measure to prohibit the use of harmful chemical substances at the pre-use, planning stage. We also share information on the amount of chemical substances used and emitted to the environment at the product use stage toward reducing the amount.
In addition, we are working to minimize the risk of soil contamination potentially caused by our business activities in the past, while implementing environmental risk assessments for chemical substances when we buy and sell land and property to ensure that necessary management and environmental impact reduction activities are properly performed.

Management of chemical substances in equipment

We have established a chemical substance control system that covers the entire product manufacturing supply chain. Under the system, we reduce and manage the use of chemical substances that may affect the environment and human health. Applying these management measures, we pursue manufacturing processes that meet not only laws and regulations set by national governments around the world but also our own more stringent standards, including those for environmental labeling.