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Regulations of Ricoh Group Products Made of Wood

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In February 2010, the Ricoh Group established the groupwide Regulations of Ricoh Group Products Made of Wood. The new rules were developed based on the 2003 Environmental Standards for Paper Product Procurement to expand control over the procurement of wood raw material beyond that used in paper products. And they were to be applicable to the entire group.
These wood raw material procurement rules apply to two groups related to products under the Ricoh or Ricoh Group company brands, namely, paper products (plain copier paper, heat-sensitive paper, etc.) and articles/materials made from wood (manuals and instructions, packaging materials, cushioning materials, pallets, etc.) provided along with any lines of products1. Through this application, the rules aim to help protect HCVFs2,or forests with significant and critical value in terms of global environment and biodiversity conservation, by avoiding the use of wood sourced from these critical forests as material for the Ricoh Group products. The rules mainly provide for the prohibition of the use of wood sourced from HCVFs as raw material and for requirements to be met by suppliers, including provision for the suspension of business with non-compliant suppliers. The Ricoh Group will use these new rules to exert control over wood material procurement for products made from wood, mainly paper products, thereby ensuring that the Group’s procurement process contributes to the conservation of HCVFs.

  • 1. Recycled materials, including used paper, leftover wood material and wood chips, are excluded, as it is difficult to trace the original sources of such materials.
  • 2. High conservation value forests (HCVFs), as defined here, fall under any of the following categories:
    • Old growth forests;
    • Primary forests/virgin forests;
    • Natural forests containing habitats of endangered species; or
    • Forests for which multiple environmental
    groups claim protective measures need to be taken mainly from the perspective of biodiversity.
  • 3. For the outline of Procurement Rules Regarding Wood Raw Material for Ricoh Group Products, please refer to the specific section of our website.