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TAMAGO - A New Business Idea


What is TAMAGO?

A New Business Idea

TAMAGO is a service that "breeds" new applications and "grows" them to fully developed ones. (Tamago meaning egg in Japanese.) Have you ever thought any of the following? "I would be happy if there was ...... ", "I wish I could do ..... " If so, we would like to listen to your ideas and suggestions, embody them as an application, and offer it to you as quickly as possible.

Your Feedback Grows TAMAGO Applications

A TAMAGO application is a new-born baby; it needs nutrients to grow. That nutrient is your feedback. With your voice, lets raise TAMAGO applications together!

Experience the Concept

Use TAMAGO applications and experience the concept. How does this application/concept work for you? Tell us whatever you feel. Your comments on the features and services of the applications are also welcome.

Offer New Values to You

We believe that TAMAGO is the first step to providing new values to you. Although not all TAMAGO applications will become fully "matured," we believe we can offer you valuable products/service as we exchange ideas and feedback. Your support is be greatly appreciated.