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ISMS Certification

Obtaining ISMS Certification in Japan and Overseas

ISMS Certification Status in Japan and Overseas

Ricoh Group companies in Japan obtained unified ISMS certification in December 2004. We took this a step further in 2006 when our overseas group companies also started the process of acquiring certification. Since then, we have been working towards establishing an information security promotion system across the Group.

In FY2017, we renewed our certification after passing the renewal audit. To date, a total of 62 group companies — 16 domestic and 46 overseas — have been certified (as of August 2017).

List of Certified Companies

In order to offer our products and related solution services to our customers and business partners, the Ricoh Group maintains ISMS certification at companies throughout the sales chain — including support, logistics and financial companies — and as necessary at some production, rental and software companies.