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RICOH Unified Communication System

Easily usable by anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Operation is simple

There is absolutely no need for difficult operations. Since anyone can easily use this system, discussion can begin immediately at the required time. It is simple, just turn on the power and select the parties you want to connect from the displayed list.

STEP 1. Turn on the power:Unit starts up quickly approximately 30 seconds after you turn on the power.STEP 2. Select the connections:You select the persons you want to connect from the address book (site list).STEP 3. Enter the selections:The video conference starts when you push the connect button.

Operation by anyone as long as there is an Internet environment

Cloud,Company AOutside office,Customer Company B

With cloud-based operation, you can increase business speed and strengthen communication not only with people inside the company but also with group companies, customers, and other sites outside the office!

A dedicated conference room is not necessary

Special conference room unnecessary

With this easy-to-carry portable unit, you can solve the problem of not being able to reserve a conference room. Videoconferencing can be done anywhere, including space used for casual meetings.

Unlimited number of devices can be connected simultaneously.

Simultaneously connect with up to twenty sites

The ability to connect multiple sites is a standard function.
You don't need the expensive special equipment (multi-site connection devices) required by conventional videoconferencing systems.

Share digital materials and images of actual objects

A common understanding can be smoothly reached since you can engage in discussion while sharing PC screens and showing parts and other actual objects.

Actual object at Company A,Image checked at Customer Company B

Resists video interruption

The optimum resolution and frame rate are automatically determined based on network status.
Proceed with stress-free discussions since the system minimizes video freezing and interruption.

Strong security!


The video and audio data is encrypted. Even important and highly confidential meetings can be safely held because there is a framework (defined in advance) allowing connection only when there has been mutual authentication between terminals.

Product Line up

RICOH Unified Communication System P3500


A dedicated portable device, for casual or regular meetings.

Ricoh Unified Communication System Apps


Software for individual use.

RICOH Unified Communication System for IWB

RICOH Unified Communication System for IWB

Software application for IWB

RICOH Video Conference Gateway Service

Video Conference Gateway Service(Cloud Type)

Video Conference Gateway Service(Cloud Type)