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Security of RICOH Products and Services

Vulnerability Information

Recommendations for Security Measures

Along with the development of the information society, we are facing various threats, such as computer viruses, personal information leakage and unauthorized access. In such situations, it is important to take the necessary security measures for everybody.

This is important not only for PCs, servers, and networks, but also for other products and services.

In order to more safely use RICOH products and services, we would like to recommend taking the following security measures.

2. Restrict communication with products

The risk of unauthorized access increases if unnecessary ports are opened.

If the product has a port disconnection feature, please set it up to be able to communicate with only necessary ports.

Some products have a function that allows communication with only devices that have IP addresses or MAC addresses. Please turn on this function to minimize the number of users with access.

4. Configure the settings of products' authentication functions

If a product has an authentication function, please enable it to prevent access to the product or services by unauthorized users. Regarding setup methods, please refer to the user manual of each product.

Some products have initial factory administrator and user passwords. Since these are easy to guess then use for login by unauthorized users, please change passwords before you use the products.

Please set up longer and more complex passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Simple passwords that are only one word or are arranged in alphabetical or numerical order can be easily guessed.

6. Use the latest product software

Updated firmware and security patches are provided for each product in order to improve security issues. So, please upload and use the latest software to minimize security risk.

Please refer to “7.c. Keep web browser software updated” in the next paragraph when you use cloud services.

8. Configure product-specific settings

Many functions are enabled for use in the factory default settings. To reduce the risk of unauthorized access through these functions, please disable functions that you do not use. Also, if products cannot be used with some security patches, reduce the risk of unauthorized access by turning off vulnerable functions.

Please refer to announcements for each product for further information.

When you set certificates individually by product, please use certification that is issued by a trusted third party. If you use self-signed certification issued by your company, please register it before you use it as a reliable certification on client computers and other network devices.

Also, please set up the date and time properly. If not, products are not regarded as certified.

To increase security, special settings are necessary for some products.

Please refer to their manuals and announcements for proper setting by product.