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Security of RICOH Unified Communication System


Along with the development of the information society, we are facing various threats, such as computer viruses, personal information leakage and unauthorized access. In such situations, it is important to take the necessary security measures for everybody.

This is now important not only for PCs, servers, and networks, but also for unified communication systems.

In order to more safely use RICOH Unified Communication System (RICOH USC), we would like to recommend taking the following security measures.

<Security measures in your network environment>

  1. Use a network isolated by a firewall to prevent unauthorized access via the Internet.
  2. Make the following rules when using PCs and mobile devices (iPad/ iPhone/ Android devices) in the network.
    1) Lock the devices when away from the desk.
    It is recommended to lock devices if you leave your desk without closing the browser.
    2) Use a different browser when you are looking at different category websites.
    It is recommended to use a different browser when you log in to different category websites that you cannot confirm the reliability of. If you use the same browser, please log out, then open the other website.
    Please do not simply close the website, but log out of it properly.
    3) Open only trusted links
    When you open hyperlinks from emails and message boards in your device, please be careful. Please open only trusted links.
    4) Update security programs
    Please update security programs to the latest version as soon as they are released.
    5) Install security software on mobile devices.
    Mobile devices are used via mobile communication networks of mobile carriers and other connections that are not protected by firewall.
    So, please install security software on each device.

<Security measures in RICOH UCS>

Type Recommended security measures
Managements When you start a video conference, it is recommended to use the Connect as Private Meeting mode to restrict meeting participants.
Managements Set a meeting code that is difficult for others to guess when you start a video conference in Connect as Private Meeting mode.
Setting and Managements Set a login password for the RICOH UCS setting website that is difficult for others to guess, and manage it properly.
Managements If security measure firmware is released, please update as soon as possible.

Please manage video meeting record data properly. (Please take security measures in your network environment as described above,)


・RICOH Unified Communication System for Windows®

・RICOH Unified Communication System 360 VR Live

  • *Refer to manuals for details on implementing settings.