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IQUISPIN Terms of use Chinese Japanese

This Agreement stipulates the basic terms for using the services provided by Ricoh Company, Ltd. (hereinafter “this Company”) under the name "IQUISPIN" and the Individual Functions defined in Article 2 (hereinafter “this Service”). This Service can only be used after confirming and agreeing to the terms below. Any customers using this Service are considered to have agreed to all of the provisions in this Service Agreement as defined in Article 1.

Scope of and Changes to This AgreementArticle 1

  1. All provisions, supplementary rules, detailed rules, guidelines, special agreements, etc., relating to the provision of this Service shown by this Company online or by other means (hereinafter “various provisions”) are effective along with this Agreement. “the Service Agreement” is used as a general term to refer to both this Agreement and the various provisions.
  2. If there are any inconsistencies or contradictions between this Agreement and the various provisions, this Agreement shall take precedence unless specifically stipulated otherwise.
  3. Even if there is a flaw in part of the Service Agreement, the other sections of this Agreement and the various provisions shall remain effective.
  4. This Company may change the Service Agreement without the consent of the Customer. This will be announced on the website stipulated in the following article with an appropriate amount of advance notice in such a case. Customers who do not agree to the change to the Service Agreement must cease using this Service. Customers using this Service after the change to the Service Agreement are considered to have agreed to the new version of the Service Agreement, and this Company will provide this Service according to the latest version of the Service Agreement.

DefinitionsArticle 2

  1. “User” refers to persons using this Service.
  2. “This Websites” refers to the website and the application managed by this Company with the name “IQUISPIN.”
  3. “Individual Functions” refers to specific functions provided to the User according to the Service Agreement as part of this Service, such as the use of this Software (referring to the software stipulated in Article 9) and sale of products. Refer to this Website for details on the Individual Functions.

Functions and Restrictions of This ServiceArticle 3

  1. This Service allows the User to view and edit photos, etc. taken by the IQUI product in an application named “IQUISPIN”.
  2. This Company may specify required communication devices, hardware, Internet connection environment and other restrictions for using this Service (hereinafter “the System Conditions”). However, according to this article, this Company does not guarantee that the specifications of the System Conditions made by this Company will allow the use of this Service without problems. The User must prepare the equipment stipulated in the System Conditions by themselves and confirm its suitability. The User bears all costs required to meet the System Conditions, such as communication costs.

Use of this ServiceArticle 4

  1. This Service can be used for personal purposes only. Use for commercial purposes, advertising, posting, provision of information, etc., for commercial business, and other uses that this Company judges to be commercial purposes without obtaining this Company's permission in advance are not allowed.
  2. Those who require the consent of parents or a guardian to use this Service or share personal information on this Service (according to the laws of the applicable country and region, including but not limited, those under 13 years of age in the United States, those under 16 years of age in the Swiss Confederation.) cannot use this Service.
  3. This Company may display advertisements for third parties on this Website or this Software (referring to the software stipulated in Article 9). Any transactions etc., entered between the User and an advertiser based on these advertisements are between the User and the advertiser, and this Company accepts no responsibility for any losses incurred by the User as a result of the transaction, etc.
  4. If the User commits actions such as those which infringe upon the rights of a third party or is in violation of a law or regulation during use of this Service, this is the responsibility of the User, and this Company accepts no responsibility.

Suspension, Changes to, or Termination of This ServiceArticle 5

  1. While this Company will exercise all due care of a good manager in an effort to continue provision of this Service, provision of this Service may be temporarily interrupted for reasons in the following categories:
    1. Cases in which interruption is unavoidable for maintenance or work on equipment.
    2. Cases in which unavoidable impediments to equipment occur through no fault of this Company.
    3. Natural disasters, terrestrial disasters, and any other emergencies.
    4. Suspension of the login method or other parts of this Service provided by a third party (referring to the parts stipulated in Article 8).
    5. Other cases in which this Company deems interruption necessary for the operation of this Service or technical purposes.
  2. This Company may terminate part or all of this Service or Individual Functions at the discretion of this Company. In this case, this will be announced on this Website in advance.

ProhibitionsArticle 6

  1. The User must not commit actions in any of the following categories when using this Service:
    1. Actions that violates other parties' copyrights, intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, portrait rights, trade secrets, etc.
    2. Actions that violate the property rights of other parties.
    3. Actions that defame, breach the trust of or violate the privacy of another party.
    4. Actions that cause tangible or intangible detriment or damages to another party.
    5. Actions that are against public order and decency.
    6. Criminal acts, actions connected to criminal acts or actions that encourage crime.
    7. Use or provision of harmful programs, such as computer viruses.
    8. Actions such as analysis or modification of the security technology or software used by this Service.
    9. Using false information when using this Service.
    10. Other actions that violate the laws, regulations, etc. of Japan or the country or region in which the User resides, or which cause a nuisance to other Users or this Company.
  2. This Company does not accept the responsibility of checking whether Users' use of this Service fits the above categories.

Suspension of Service Provision by This CompanyArticle 7

This Company can suspend all or part of this Service if the User fits any of the following categories.

  1. In the event of a violation of the Service Agreement.
  2. In the event of suspension or termination of the login method or other systems etc., provided by third parties as part of this Service (referring to the parts stipulated in Article 8) through the User's fault.
  3. In the event of the User is a person or a related person who has violated the Service Agreement in the past or has received the measures of this article.
  4. In the event of needing to protect the life, health, property, etc. of a third parties.
  5. In the event is expected that the Service will be overloaded by the User or exceed the capacity of the server installed for the Service.
  6. In addition, in the event of the use of the Service by the User is not appropriate.

Collaboration with Third PartiesArticle 8

  1. This Company may subcontract or outsource part of this Service to a third party specified by this Company in order to provide this Service. If this requires Personal Information belonging to the User to be disclosed to the subcontractor or outsourcing contractor, this Company will allow the subcontractor or outsourcing contractor to manage the Personal Information according to the Privacy Policy.
  2. This Company may use a login method and other systems etc., provided by third parties as part of this Service when providing this Service. In this case, the usage conditions of these systems, etc., provided by third parties may be determined by a contract or terms of use between the third party and the User. This Company accepts no responsibility relating to the User's use of the system provided by a third party.
  3. Links to the third party's website or materials may be posted on this Service. This Company accepts no responsibility relating to the User's use of the linked website or materials.

Use of SoftwareArticle 9

Part of this Service includes Individual Functions provided using software provided separately by this Company (hereinafter “this Software”). The User shall follow terms of use stipulated separately by this Company when using this Software as applicable.

Copyrights and Other RightsArticle 10

  1. This Website, this Software, service materials, technical information, and other works that can be used in relation to this Service (hereinafter “this Company's Works”) are the intellectual property of this Company or third parties who have permitted this Company, and are protected by the copyright laws and/or other laws and regulations of each country. All or part of these works may not be copied, modified, uploaded, posted, publicly transmitted, transferred, distributed, licensed, sold, published, or used by any other method without permission from this Company or the third party holding the rights.
  2. “Vecnos,” “IQUISPIN,” other names used in the provision of this Service, and names of this Company's products displayed on this Company's Works are trademarks or registered trademarks of this Company and may not be used without permission from this Company. Additionally, trademarks, service marks, and logos displayed in relation to this Service may be registered trademarks or trademarks of a third party other than this Company.
  3. Use of this Company's Works does not mean that this Company or a third party has transferred or licensed rights such as patent rights, trademark rights, or copyrights except when explicit permission has been given by this Company.

Export ControlArticle 11

  1. Users shall ensure that all activities involving distribution and export/re-export of this service are in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, including without limitation the Foreign Exchange Laws of Japan, U.S. Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”), U.S. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”) and sanctions of U.S. Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”), orders or other restrictions of the Export Regulations.
  2. Users are not subject to sanctions of Export Regulations specified by the government agencies of Japan, the United States, or the importing country.
  3. Users shall not use this service for research and development or manufacturing of weapons for mass destruction such as nuclear/chemical/biological weapons and missiles for their delivery and/or any conventional weapons.
  4. Users shall not sell, transfer, release or otherwise make available this service to any firm(s), any corporation(s), and/or any person(s) that is likely to use those directly for research and development or manufacturing of the weapons for mass destruction such as nuclear/chemical/biological weapons and missiles for their delivery and/or any conventional weapons.

Governing Laws and Jurisdictional CourtArticle 12

The governing laws of the Service Agreement, including this Agreement, are the laws of Japan. Additionally, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court is the primary exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for applying and interpreting the Service Agreement, including this Agreement, and for all disputes relating to the use of this Service. Which court is used depends on the amount of money sought.

LanguageArticle 13

Inquiries relating to this Service can only be made in Japanese, English, Chinese. This Company cannot respond to inquiries in any other language.

DisclaimerArticle 14

  1. This Company does not make any guarantees for this Service except for those explicitly stipulated in its various provisions.
  2. This Service is affected by the User's hardware, network environment, etc., and is dependent on the User's communication equipment, communication line, etc. Therefore, This Company does not guarantee faultlessness or availability of this Service.
  3. According to this Service Agreement, This Company does not accept responsibility for any damages to the User caused by interruptions, suspensions, changes to, or termination of this Service.
  4. If a dispute occurs between Users or between the User and a third party (including negotiations, claims, problems, and legal action), this Company accepts no responsibility to resolve the dispute or for any damages that occur.
  5. This Company does not accept responsibility for any damages that occur as a result of non-sending or delay of emails occurring as a result of circumstances such as system failures or disconnection of communication equipment that are not the fault of this Company.
  6. This Company does not accept responsibility in the event that it is unable to provide all or part of this Service for reasons that are not the fault of this Company, including natural and terrestrial disasters, measures ordered by public authorities, strikes, and cyber-terrorism.

Established and implemented: August 2020
Amended on September 22nd, 2021
Amended on January 11, 2022