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The Ricoh Group Integrated Report selected as “Excellent Integrated Report” for five consecutive years by GPIF's external asset managers

February 28, 2023

TOKYO, February 28, 2023 – The Ricoh Group Integrated Report 2022 was highly rated by external asset managers in charge of domestic equity investment for the Government Pension Investment Fund (“GPIF”) of Japan. Among all nominated companies for “Excellent Integrated Report,” Ricoh received six votes.

The GPIF asked external asset managers to nominate up to 10 companies each for the “Excellent Integrate Report” and “Most Improved Integrated Report” categories. A total of 67 companies were selected for the former (compared to 77 in the previous survey) and 95 companies for the latter (compared to 100 in the last survey). Of all the nominated companies, only six were selected by four or more external asset managers for their “Excellent Integrated Report.”

Ricoh has been selected as “Excellent Integrated Report” for the fifth consecutive year.

The following comments are from the asset managers who gave Ricoh's report a very high rating.

  • Overall, it is an excellent integrated report. The report is innovative in terms of disclosure, such as the explanation of the value creation process and allocation of time to various board meeting agenda items.
  • The content is highly integrated, allowing readers to understand how human resources and digital strategies support the underlying policies of the mid-term management plan. In addition, the BU overview presents several clear examples that provide insight into the actual business situation.
  • The company's value creation process is praised for its creativity and ingenuity, as each point is supported by context and concrete examples. In addition, the governance section of the report is unique in that it clearly describes the company's characteristics from the board's perspective.
  • In the dialogue between the principal outside director and the Chair of the Board of Directors, details were provided on the awareness of issues and changes in the approach to developing the mid-term management plan. The dialog's content clearly indicates that the discussions at the Board meetings were quite productive.
  • The report covers all ESG topics that should be disclosed, each at a very high level. In particular, the governance section clearly explains the evaluation process and the item for the CEO and board members. It is also good that every business-related risk is described in terms of impact and urgency.
  • The content is passionate and unique, including the positioning of ESG as “future financials.” The decarbonization and GHG reduction roadmap, including Scope 3, is clearly stated, and governance and risk management are more detailed.

Ricoh will continue to actively disclose information to deepen understanding of the Ricoh Group, improve overall management, and expand our business, further enhancing our corporate value.

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