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Ricoh provides firmware for the following models with the countermeasure.

Please download the firmware from the linked web site and apply it.

Model Name New Firmware Version
P 310/311 Ver.2.02
M 320/320FB/320F Ver.2.02
M C2000 Ver.2.03
P C300W/C301W Ver.1.14
M C250FWB/C250FW Ver.1.14
M 2700/2701 Ver.1.09
SP 330DN Ver.1.16
SP 3710DN Ver.1.16
SP 330SN Ver.1.16
SP 330SFN Ver.1.16
SP 3710SF Ver.1.16
SP C260DNw Ver.1.16
SP C262DNw Ver.1.17
SP C261DNw Ver.1.17
SP C260SFNw Ver.1.20
SP C262SFNw Ver.1.22
SP C261SFNw Ver.1.22
SP C250DN/C252DN Ver.1.12
SP C250SF/C252SF Ver.1.18
SP 220Nw/221Nw/277NwX Ver.1.08
SP 220SNw/221SNw Ver.1.14
SP 220SFNw/221SFNw/277SNwX/277SFNwX Ver.1.14
SP 325DNw/377DNwX Ver.1.16
SP 325SNw/325SFNw/ 377SNwX/SP 377SFNwX Ver.1.23
SP 212Nw Ver.1.09
SP 212w Ver.1.09
SP 213Nw Ver.1.09
SP 213w Ver.1.09
SP 212SFNw/212SFw Ver.1.11
SP 212SNw Ver.1.10
SP 212SUw Ver.1.10
SP 213SFNw Ver.1.11
SP 213SFw Ver.1.11
SP 213SNw Ver.1.10
SP 213SUw Ver.1.10
SP 311DNw Ver.1.16
SP 310DNw Ver.1.16
SP 312DNw Ver.1.16
SP 311SFNw Ver.1.16
SP 310SFNw Ver.1.16
SP 312SFNw Ver.1.16

Affected models

Color Multifunction Printers

  • M C2000
  • M C250FWB/C250FW
  • SP C260SFNw/C262SFNw/C261SFNw
  • SP C250SF/C252SF

Color Laser printer

  • P C300W/C301W
  • SP C260DNw/C262DNw/C261DNw
  • SP C250DN/C252DN

Black & White Multifunction Printers

  • M 320/320FB/320F
  • M 2700/2701
  • SP 330SN/330SFN/3710SF
  • SP 220SNw/221SNw/220SFNw/221SFNw/277SNwX/277SFNwX
  • SP 325SNw/325SFNw/377SNwX/377SFNwX
  • SP 212SFNw/212SFw/212SNw/212SUw/213SFNw/213SFw/213SNw/213SUw
  • SP 311SFNw/310SFNw/312SFNw

Black & White Laser Printers

  • P 310/311
  • SP 330DN/3710DN
  • SP 220Nw/221Nw/277NwX
  • SP 325DNw/377DNwX
  • SP 212Nw/212w/213Nw/213w
  • SP 311DNw/310DNw/312DNw