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Ricoh to exhibit at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021

Showcasing its plant-derived new material “PLAiR” and On-demand Direct Printing Thermal Media for a sustainable society

September 21, 2021

TOKYO, September 21, 2021 – Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Ricoh Electronics, Inc. (Georgia, U.S.A.) will exhibit at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 (Organizer: Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute), which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from September 27 to 29, 2021.

PACK EXPO 2021 is the world's most comprehensive packaging and processing event. More than 1,500 companies will exhibit their latest materials, technologies, and solutions to address packaging and processing needs. There will be over 20,000 attendees from 40-plus vertical markets.

  • PLA foam sheet, flexible and strong
  • Sample products of PLAiR
  • On-demand direct printing by partial thermal coating on packages (Application example : food packages)

Ricoh is showcasing “PLAiR,” a new material made from plants and air, and “On-demand Direct Printing Thermal Media,” which directly prints variable information on packages. This new material, which is currently under development, is a new value aimed at realizing a zero-carbon society and circular economy.

The Ricoh Group proposed “environmental management” to simultaneously realize environmental conservation and profit generation in 1998 and became the first Japanese company to announce its participation in the RE100 program in 2017. Ricoh continues to promote the realization of a zero-carbon society through energy conservation activities, renewable energy, and active participation in international initiatives. It also strives to create a decarbonized society throughout the entire value chain by encouraging our customers and business partners to cooperate.

“Driving Sustainability for Our Future.” Ricoh is committed to the development of society. We will do this by resolving social issues through business and by creating new markets and value.

Content of the Exhibit

PLAiR – A New Material Made from Plants and Air

  • Plant-derived foamed PLA* sheet that is both flexible and strong
  • Can be widely used as packaging material, cushioning material, and various containers by changing the foam expansion rate
  • Carbon neutral and compostable (When burnt, PLA does not increase the net amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and degrades into water and CO2 under controlled environments such as soil or compost)
PLA (polylactic acid): a plastic material made from plant-derived starch and sugar.

On-demand Direct Printing Thermal Media for the printing of variable data on packaging

  • Pre-coating with thermal ink enables direct thermal printing on a variety of packaging
  • Improves productivity by eliminating the need to prepare and replace labels and ribbons
  • Reduces waste by eliminating labels and supplies
  • Reduces package SKUs* by standardizing packaging materials
SKU: stock keeping unit

PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021 Overview

Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI)
Las Vegas Convention Center (Ricoh Booth: North Hall — N-14020 — PACKage Printing Pavilion)
Event date
September 27 (Mon.) - 29 (Wed.), 2021 *U.S. time
For more information
The development of PLAiR was subsidized by Ministry of Environment. “Demonstration project for plastics resource circulation system for decarbonized society”


For “PLAiR” Inquiries
PLAiR Business Center, Ricoh Futures Business Unit, Ricoh Company, Ltd.
For “On-demand Direct Printing Thermal Media” Inquiries
SDGs Business Center, IMS Business Department, Ricoh Industrial Solutions Business Unit, Ricoh Company, Ltd.

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