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The sharing of space and experience The sharing of space and experience

Creating 360-degree images:
A new way to communicate information

The transition from recording as “image” to recording as “experience”

In contrast to traditional photographs, which cut out one piece of a given space, 360-degree images are able to capture the space as a single entity. By realistically communicating the atmosphere and positional relationships of a place, you can now preserve the target scene as an “experience” encountered from the perspective of a person actually standing in that space. The introduction of this compact specialized camera has made it possible for anyone to easily create 360-degree images. As the popularity of these cameras spreads, in recent years attention has also focused on using them in business in ways that go beyond the typical limitations of photographs.

Contributing to the customer’s business by providing the device and the platform

Utilizing optical technology cultivated by Ricoh since its founding, in 2013 we developed the “RICOH THETA,” a device which can easily take 360-degree images in one shot. By providing a platform enabling the viewing and sharing of the resulting images, we are also contributing to the popularity of 360-degree images and supporting their use in business. For example, in the real estate field, the inclusion of 360-degree images in a website makes it possible to communicate a feeling for the size and atmosphere of a property without leaving home or office. Furthermore, using techniques such as home staging in which CG processing is applied to the images, it is possible to promote the potential value of a space without expending large amounts of time or money. There are also high expectations for the utilization of 360-degree images in a variety of other fields (tourism, education, healthcare, etc.), and Ricoh will contribute to the customer’s business by providing integrated support covering everything from image photography to image use.

RICOH360 Tours


RICOH360 Tours

RICOH360 Tours is a purpose-built solution that covers the entire virtual tour process from creation to delivery.

Explore an ancient Japanese artificial cavern in 360


Explore an ancient Japanese artificial cavern in 360

How heritage sites are being digitally archived

Fulfillment through Work

Fulfillment can be defined as a feeling gained from achievement and self-development.​
RICOH enables individuals to work smarter, and by providing fulfillment through work, we will enhance the quality of life.