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FY2013 Interim Financial Announcement
ended September 30, 2012

Date : October 30, 2012
Time : 6:00pm-7:00pm
Place : Otemachi Sankei Plaza
Contents : Mr. Zenji Miura, CFO of Ricoh Company, Ltd., explained FY2012 2Q results using materials below.
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Presentation Materials Financial Highlights /Appendix

Results Presentation

Presentation text (essence)(PDF:65KB)

Q&A Session


Why will the FY2013/03 costs for structural reform be reduced by 5.0 billion yen?


From the results so far, we think structural reform costs will come below the original plan.


You have shifted to emphasis on profit and improved the profitability in Japan. Are you going to keep this stance, choosing not to pursue market share?


We will also pursue market share. We would like to increase our market share in the second half with new products launched, all the while improving profitability.


The cost and benefit of the structural reform have been changing. Are the measures for structural reform you planned also changing?


The measures have not changed. We are implementing various measures including reorganizing production strategies and reviewing development processes, not only human resource optimization.


Why does the FY2013/03 profit plan remain unchanged, although the net benefit of structural reform is increasing?


We take into account of the uncertain macro economy.